When Michael Jackson invited a 14-year-old boy he barely knew to his bedroom

We all knew that Jackson invited boys to his bedroom. However, he usually knew those boys. This is a story which will blow your mind. If you think that Jackson can’t shock you anymore, you are wrong.

Michael Jackson always said that very few children slept in his bedroom & that they were close like family. It was a lie, quite obviously. But to be fair, he had a connection to the boys that slept over and to their families as well. Some of the boys slept over during their first visit already (like Wade Robson):

Michael Jackson and Wade Robson (1990-1997)

Others like James Safechuck slept over after knowing Jackson for about a year:

Michael Jackson and James Safechuck (1987-1992)

(Both of those boys admitted that Jackson molested them as young boys)

This is the story of Anton Glanzelius & how he ended up in Michael Jackson’s bedroom. You may know Anton from the movie “My life as a dog”-Anton acted as a boy.

Jackson had seen the movie My life as a dog in 1987 & liked the movie a lot. He enjoyed the movie so much that he invited 13-year-old Anton to his home (How often has Jackson done that?).

Jackson as always searched the contact, it was the not the boy. In Anton’s case it was the case that he did not even know who Michael Jackson was, because he lived in southern Gothenburg.

“I ran to the neighbor’s house and asked them if they had any records with Michael Jackson. I wanted to see what he looked like.”~Anton Glanzelius

Michael Jackson and Anton

Anton arrived in Neverland along with his mother. They spent a couple of hours in Jackson’s company but they did not get to know each other that well that time. Jackson revealed that the movie was very special to him, although he never said why-most likely only because of Anton.

“I remember walking around and meeting his Llama and a giant snake. Then he went to wake Bubbles up and brought him downstairs. Bubbles was wearing a red t-shirt and a diaper and he shook my hand. I thought it was more strange to meet a chimpanzee than Michael Jackson. He had a room filled with candy and I ate as much as I wanted.”~Anton

Anton explained that he had a different perspective on that friendship as a child, because he was too young to understand the greatness of such a friendship. He described Jackson as kind-hearted, humble, polite and shy. However, there was no real connection between Jackson & the boy and Anton was not really interested in a friendship either.

But Jackson didn’t want to give up. When Jackson came to Gothenburg in 1989, he contacted 14-year-old Anton and invited him to Liseberg, the largest amusement park in Scandinavia.

Michael Jackson & Anton,1989
Michael Jackson & 14-year-old Anton

“It was such an amazing and fun experience as a 14-year-old to have the entire Liseberg to ourselves. He was laughing constantly, we had so much fun.”~Anton

Jackson arrived in the company of 100 people.

“He was fooling around and laughing and we were chasing each other trying to get a hit. He was such a sweet, humble, warm and lovely person.”

And then after visiting the park, Anton spent the evening in Jackson’s bedroom. To point it out once again, he knew this kid from a meeting that took place one year earlier. There was no contact afterwards. Furthermore, Anton recalls that they did not even have a connection.

However, he spent the evening in Jackson’s bedroom-the bedroom of a man he barely knew, who was almost a stranger. Glanzelius remembers that they ate candy & watched movies that night.

“We talked about everything from football and fame, to girls and love. It was impossible for me to understand what it was like to be a superstar in the US, I was just 14 years old.”~Anton

How many grown men do you know that discuss topics like girls & love with a teenager they barely know? How many grown men do you know that spend an evening in their bedroom with a boy they barely know or any other stranger?

Couldn’t Jackson spend that one evening without a boy at his side? He only called Anton because he had no boy with him-Jackson never visited amusement parks without a boy at his side.

Is that how boy-obsessed Michael Jackson was? “There is no boy around,so let’s call a boy who you don’t know to invite him to your bedroom?”

Michael Jackson makes sane people speechless.

The last time Anton & MJ met was in Stockholm in 1992 when he was 17 years old.

We were pretty close(after the trip to the amusement park), but then we just lost contact, I don’t remember why.”~Anton

Jackson & Anton





  1. The more info you guys bring,both MJandtheboys and MJfacts…I dont know what to think anymore…I dont know what kind of obsession MJ had with the boys, aside from the possible sexuaal abuse he was so obsessed. So obsessed that having 3 childrne of his own didnt stop him from bringing boys to his home When I watched the Martin bashir interview I was wondering…well you got kids now Michael..your kids taken care of by nannies while you play with some latino 11 year old kids that you barely know…doesnt make too mcuh sense
    I also have watch the interview he did with Lisa Marie where he says that those books was stuff his fans send to him and that in the case they found something it was books he had not open…But those homoerotic books containing nude pics of adolescenswere not ina storage area and unopen.They were ina suitcase in hsi bedroom and bathroom…
    Ive gone from anger towards him to compassion cause I see the man was truly mentally ill. All that religious upbringing and hollywood rck n roll lifestyle since 7 years old messed him up.
    He no longer knew who he was,child or adult,black or white,men or woman,gay or straight.He was a tortured insecure soul.
    It was also very creepy the shots of his room when he died,you see that table next to his bed with all those pictures of babies…even if tehre was no sexual abuse cause we dont know for sure…that attitude is coming from a metal ill person. a 50 year old male collecting pictures of little children,a man that has his own?


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