Michael Jackson and Marielle Tourelle (1996-1998)

Michael Jackson & Marielle Tourelle

Many of you who read my blog regulary might be a little shocked and confused now…So let me explain this. The latest accuser changed my mind about the Michael Jackson case. The person (who happens to be female) made me realize that I was blind.Blind? Yes, blind to the fact that Jackson had a very small number of girls around that were close to him. I never worried about those female children, because all of Jackson’s accusers were male. Before some leave my blog now out of anger, let me state this: I am not saying that Michael Jackson sexually abused this girl or any other girl & I am not convinced of it either. I am not even saying that I believe it.

Furthermore, I want to make clear that this blog will mainly research Jackson’s friendships with young boys in the future as well. Besides of that, this article will be an exception.

Why do I make this exception though? In 2016, Jackson was accused of sexual child molestation for the 6th time. I remember reading a headline about it & afterwards I started to wonder which boy might be the accuser. But I read on, as we all did… and suddenly I’ve read that the accuser is a woman. I am not going to lie-that was a shock. Although I had seen Jackson with girls, I would have never assumed that he molested a girl. The latest accuser “Jane Doe” claims that she was molested by Jackson between the ages of 12 and 15.

Michael Jackson’s female accuser Jane Doe – Is she telling the truth?

Michael Jackson & Jane Doe

And now, I have decided to research some of the friendships that Jackson formed with young girls. The result was the same as years earlier…Not one of those friendships was similar to the ones Jackson had with boys. No wonder-Jackson was boy-obsessed. What I recognized though while reading Jane Doe’s claims was: She does not claim that she was molested in Jackson’s bed. Seems not important, but it is to me. The main reason why I never would have thought for one minute that Jackson abused girls was that the kids who joined his sleepovers were 99% male. However, Jackson molested Jane Doe for almost 3 years without sharing a bed with her. What happend to his other young female friends?

While researching I did not find any friendship which creeped me out, besides of the friendship with Marielle Tourelle. Who is that?

Marielle was a kid from Poland who was about 12 years old when she firstly met Jackson in 1996. She was the girl who was allowed to greet Jackson at the Warsaw airport.

Michael Jackson & Marielle Tourelle at the airport in Warsaw airport

Marielle described the situation like this:

“Everyone waited for his arrival, among the people was such positive energy, great enthusiasm and a great adrenaline. All were excited, smiling. Older women are crying, kids going wild-they behaved very differently than usual.”~Marielle Tourelle

How would a normal popstar react to Marielle greeting him? He would probably say “thank you”, maybe he would even give the kid a ticket for his concert. No one would do what Jackson did though. He took Marielle with him throughout Poland.

Marielle Tourelle has spent some days with the popstar in Poland. Jackson seemed to like the kid, because he introduced Marielle to the Cascio family.

Michael Jackson with Marielle Tourelle & Dominic Jr + Nicole Cascio,1996
Michael Jackson holding Marielle Tourelle in his arms,1996
Jackson & Tourelle

I noticed that Marielle was the only girl that ever was picked up by Jackson to travel with him after meeting Jackson randomly. Marielle even appeared on stage with the singer to perform Heal the World in Poland, 1996:

This is a behaviour that I have usually seen with young boys, so that is why Marielle’s case kinda shocked me.

When Jackson left Poland, Marielle & Jackson stayed in contact and met a few times. Jackson invited Marielle Tourelle to visit him in Paris, France in 1997. The girl who was now about 13 years old was allowed to join Jackson on stage again and was even standing in front of the all the other children while holding Jackson’s hand:

Michael Jackson & Marielle Tourelle in France,1997

(look at 1:01,you can see 14-year-old Anton Schleiter there as well)

Marielle said the following about this concert:

“I danced with him at a concert in front of 100 thousand people. Always a group of children entered the stage for the song Heal the world. Because he believed that children can improve the world. Well, the rest of the kids went, but I took the whole song. Then I felt a part of his mission. It’s one of my most beautiful memories.”~Marielle Tourelle

Michael Jackson & Marielle Tourelle

Marielle stated that she saw Jackson as a friend:

“When I was him I felt that this is my friend. He was a normal person with a beautiful soul.”~Marielle Tourelle

Marielle even lived in the same hotel as Jackson in Disneyland & in Paris. She thinks that Jackson was a normal human being who did not look down on people.

She remembers that she once wanted to visit a museum with Jackson:

“Once, I wanted to go with him to the museum. I suggested it to him, and he answered me: “how much I would give to be able to do it,but it’s impossible. I’d have to go with bodyguards.”~Marielle Tourelle

Marielle flew out several times between the ages of 12 and 14 to visit Jackson in other countries. Besides of that, she also flew out to visit Neverland a few times.

Michael Jackson & Marielle Tourelle in 1997 during the History-tour

Here you can see another picture of Marielle and Jackson on stage together during the History-tour:

Michael Jackson & Marielle Tourelle

Marielle calls Jackson “a great hero” and a person with a beautiful soul. She says that it was Jackson’s goal to inspire people and help them.

I don’t think that the following picture with Marielle ( taken in ca 1997) is normal. What you can see here is a man who is holding the hand of a 13-year-old pubescent girl:

Michael Jackson & Marielle Tourelle

To conclude, I wanna point out again why I do think that this friendship was at least strange.

  • Marielle was between the ages of 12 and 14 (just like Jane Doe)
  • Marielle flew out to visit Jackson in other countries and at the ranch
  • She was the only girl that was picked up by Jackson to travel with him after meeting him randomly
  • She was holding his hand at the age of about 13 & Jackson held Marielle in his arms when she was 12 
  • She was in contact with the Cascio family
  • Marielle was allowed to join Jackson on stage a few times

There is nothing else that is known about that friendship, because Marielle doesn’t really talk about Jackson. Again, I am not saying that Marielle was molested, but I obviously want to point out that she was different from all the other girls that were in contact with Jackson. Of course, her friendship was not similar to the friendships the boys had. But to me the friendship simply seems suspicious.

Jackson & Marielle

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