Michael Jackson and Jarod and Nathan Malnik (2003/2004)

Michael Jackson with Jarod & Nathan Malnik

In 2000, Michael Jackson befriended Alvin Malnik. Jackson was interested in meeting Malnik, because he wanted to request a tour of Malnik’s house in Palm Beach. When Jackson was in Los Angeles, he asked Brett Ratner to call Alvin. At first, Alvin was not interested in meeting Michael Jackson at all.

As soon as Alvin told his wife about it, the plans changed. Alvin invited Jackson to the house & since then they stayed in contact.

Michael Jackson,Brett Ratner & Alvin Malnik

Between 2000 and 2002, the three of them spent much time together. They travelled a lot and always had a lot of fun.

Alvin Malnik has triplets-Spencer, Jaord & Nathan. When the friendship between Jackson and Alvin grew stronger, Jackson started to spend time with Alvin’s children as well. Alvin remembers that Jackson and Jarod & Nathan firstly met each other when Jackson’s youngest son was one year old, in 2003.

The Malnik children and Jackson’s kids

Nathan & Jarod were 5 years old, when MJ started to spend time with them. Jackson & Malnik’s kids went down to Acapulco and other family vacation spots.

All 3 of Malnik’s children became playmates of Jackson’s kids Prince and Paris. So far, so normal. Many of you probably think now: Well, it isn’t a big deal that Jackson befriended another rich family. My opinion on that is different. Throughout his life, Jackson befriended many parents and later got accused of molesting their young sons.

Many of Jackson’s special friends were involved in the life of Jackson’s children:

Prince Jackson & Dominic Cascio
Prince Jackson & Omer Bhatti

Gavin Arvizo testified in 2003 that he thought of Prince and Paris as siblings. Furthermore, Aaron Carter says that he has spent hours with Jackson’s children. Added to that, Juju Elatab played with Prince Michael at Jackson’s ranch too.

Here is a picture of Prince Jackson with Jarod Malnik:

Prince Jackson & Jarod Malnik

So the fact that Jackson befriended Alvin & Nancy does not mean that their sons were safe. After all, Jackson also befriended the parents of the Cascio brothers:

cascio michael jackson (3)
Michael Jackson & Connie Cascio

I’ve often heard that it is impossible that Jackson was a pedophile, because he only befriended boys until he had his own children. At first, I thought that the people who say so, have a point there. While researching more and more, I found out that this is simply untrue. Michael Jackson had Omer Bhatti more or less moving into his ranch in 1997, when Prince was born. In the same year, he befriended Anton Schleiter who was only 14. In 2001, when Jackson’s own children were already toddlers, he started to spend time with young Jawad Elatab and his older brother. Besides of that, Aaron Carter started to visit the ranch in 2001 as well. Then finally in 2003, Jackson was accused of molesting 13-year-old Gavin Arvizo.

But I have to admit that the boys became fewer and fewer. While Jackson had countless boys around in the 80s and early 90s, there were only very few in the late 90s and the 2000s. This is untypical for a pedophile.

Most pedophiles start to molest their children’s friends as soon as they have their own kids. A lot of pedophiles only have kids for that reason. A man befriending kids is weird to everyone, a father searching for playmates for his own children is normal. Jackson got accused of sexual child abuse 7 times now and paid off 2 of his accusers. This leads to the conclusion that Jackson used his parenthood to become close to children.

Alvin Malnik remembers that Jackson has spent a lot of time with his children. He recalls that his children loved the Neverland Ranch, especially the zoo and the train.

Michael Jackson & 5-year-old Jarod Malnik

Michael Jackson stayed at the Malnik’s house always for quite a bit. Alvin was impressed that Jackson cleaned up his own room and made his own bed. He called Jackson an amazing houseguest. Jackson sometimes visited the family along with Prince & Paris and sometimes on his own. Of course, the family was also invited to Neverland a lot of times.

Jackson even surprised the triplets on one of their birthday parties. All guests thought it was an impersonator at first. Alvin recalls that Prince & Paris were always very happy to see the family, because they were able to go out with Nancy Malnik. Moreover, Jackson was able to relax, since the Malnik family lived basically on the beach.

When Jackson’s youngest son was one year old, Jackson asked Alvin to become the boy’s godfather.

Michael Jackson & Jarod Malnik

Alvin claims that Jackson even recorded songs at his house. However, Alvin also recalled hard times with Jackson: He often helped out Jackson financially.

During 2003 and 2004, Jackson has spent countless days & nights (months) at the house of Alvin Malnik. Malnik’s children were invited to Neverland very often. Two of them were boys who were 5-6 years old. This of course could have been completely innocent, but Nathan & Jarod should be named as boys who were close to Jackson since they have spent months together with Jackson over a two-year-period.

Here you can see a video of Michael Jackson playing with Nathan & Jarod:

Prince Jackson & the Malnik brothers

It is unknown whether the brothers ever had sleepovers with MJ or not. It is known though that Jackson slept over at their house & that the boys also slept at the ranch. This means that the kids could have been in danger!

All in all, we can’t judge that because we don’t have enough information. The whole family is very quiet about Jackson and their time with him.

The friendship stopped because Jackson did not trust Alvin any longer. Alvin says that the last time they saw each other was shortly before the trial in 2005.

When Alvin lost contact to Jackson, the two brothers did so as well.

Michael Jackson with Nathan and Jarod

Was all of that innocent? Let’s hope so, although the information that is out there tells me something different…We can only assume what was going on.

Michael Jackson with Nathan & Jarod

The Malnik family was really close to Jackson for years, but they are simply overlooked as one of the families Jackson was close to.

Jarod Malnik & Jackson & his children
Michael Jackson with Jarod & Nathan Malnik





  1. Mr. Jackson was Nicole’s godfather. The Malnik’s brothers never lived at Neverland, they just came to visit with their parents. They never spent time alone with Mr Jackson and he was also not so interested in them in particular.There were other children both boys and girls. Stop speculating things you’ve never seen or known personally.


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