Michael Jackson and Alfonso Ribeiro (1984-1986)

12-year-old Alfonso Ribeiro and Michael Jackson,1984

Alfonso was another 12-year-old boy that Jackson became close to. Ribeiro wasen’t an usual boy, he was an actor and started his career at the age of 8. Many of Jackson’s special friends were actors: Macaulay Culkin (1990-1993), Emmanuel Lewis (1983-1993), Sean Lennon (1983-1990), Corey Feldman (1984-1988), James Safechuck (1988-1992), Brandon Adams (1988-1990) and Bryton McClure (1992-1994). Jackson himself had a huge interest in acting, but was never successful at it. Other special friends of Jackson were dancers: Wade Robson (1990-1997) and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009). Aaron Carter (2001-2004) was even a singer. Of course, Jackson also befriended regular boys, but it was not the norm. Jackson obviously used the entertaiment industry to become close to young male children, most of them still prepubescent.

Alfonso, then 12 years old, met Jackson through a Pepsi Commercial-that isn’t completely new to people who research Jackson’s friendships with young boys either. Jackson’s Bad-tour compain James Safechuck also met Jackson through a Pepsi Commerical. Sadly, James was sexually abused by Jackson for four years afterwards.

Read about Jackson’s victim James Safechuck here:

Michael Jackson and James Safechuck (1987-1992)

Let’s just hope the same did not happen to Alfonso who took part in Jackson’s 1984 Pepsi Commercial:

The director Giraldi said that Jackson’s interaction with young Alfonso dancing in the street did not capture the emotion that Giraldi had been aiming for. He stated:

“None of that really had a pureness to it as the videos that I did with (Michael) and Paul McCartney,and that has to do with the pressure and the tension of advertising commercial sets and clients and expectations”~Giraldi

That makes us wonder why MJ still wanted to do that commerical with the young boy.

12-year-old Alfonso and Michael Jackson

Alfonso was also often dressed up like Jackson which isn’t a good sign either, because many of the boys who accused Jackson of sexual abuse used to be dressed up like him. Added to that, Alfonso was the first mini MJ! No boy before him dressed the same way as Jackson.

Alfonso was friends with Jackson for 2 years, when he was aged 12 to 14 in the years 1984-1986. That is enough time to sexually abuse someone. However, Alfonso says that he was not molested by Michael Jackson. Here is what Alfonso says about the child molestation allegations:

“Quite frankly, no matter how many reports or things, or what people say, I will never believe that Michael was any of the things that they want to report about him. I won’t believe it because being a kid and being 12,13 and 14, knowing Michael Jackson and hanging out with Michael, it never occurred, it never seemed like it could have occurred. There was nothing ever questionable, I simply won’t believe it.”~Alfonso Ribeiro

What can we say about that statement?

I would like to hear why Alfonso and Jackson stopped to hang out after he was 14. James Safechuck & Wade Robson both claim that they were abused until 14 and then were thrown away like a used toy. So why did Alfonso stop to be around Michael after he was 14?

Furthermore, it is cold by Alfonso that he just doesn’t want to listen to other boy’s claims. Even if Alfonso & Michael had an innocent friendship, it doesn’t mean that his accusers are lying. Child molesters don’t molest every child that they meet. Alfonso just like everybody else, should keep an open mind.

Alfonso went on saying:

“At the end of the day Michael was a kid, and kids like hanging out with other kids,not adults, so I just think that he reached a point,you know, at the age where he just kind of stayed there.”~Alfonso Ribeiro

This statement also raises some questions…

Firstly, Jackson was NOT a child, brain development makes this impossible. Every child grows up. Secondly, at which age did Jackson stay?

Let’s say at the age of 10. He befriended boys who were 5 and others who were 14. A 10-year-old wouldn’t share the same interests as a 5 or 14-year-old which perfectly shows how absurd Alfonso’s claim is.

Alfonso Ribeiro and Michael Jackson

Alfonso never talked about Jackson any further. He grew up and became a successful actor, although he hasn’t appeared in many movies and here comes the problem for me:  Pedophilia and sexual child abuse is Hollywood’s biggest secret. Even Corey Feldman who openly talked about abusers in Hollywood never named names. Would Alfonso ever admit that he was sexually abused by MJ? The biggest popstar ever? He would not, even if it did in fact happen.

Also other actors who openly admitted that they were abused in the past, never said who the abuser was. They wouldn’t be successful any longer. Sadly, Hollywood protects child molesters.

Did sexual abuse occur in Alfonso’s boyhood friendship with MJ between the ages of 12 and 14?

We will never know, unless he speaks out about it.

“I looked at Michael and I still look at Michael this way, and I will always look at Michael this way: Michael wasen’t a man, he was a child caught in a man’s body.”~Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso & Jackson
Young Alfonso Ribeiro

In this video, Alfonso denies that he was molested by Jackson:


1) statements of Alfonso:


2) statement of the director:




  1. It’s obvious something negative had happened. Jackson cut off other boys he was unsuccessful to groom like Terry Georgie. Alphonso being his first mini-mes also speaks volumes


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