Michael Jackson and Gavin Arvizo (2003)

12-year-old Gavin Arvizo & Michael Jackson,2002

Gavin Arvizo was the boy who caused Michael Jackson’s child molestation trial. Back in 2000, Gavin was just a little 10-year-old kid who was suffering from cancer. He had one bigh wish: He wanted to meet Michael Jackson. His dream became reality when Jackson heard about him. It took Jackson only a short time to call Gavin.

During the first phone call, Gavin was undergoing chemotheraphy. Jackson told Gavin that he wants to meet him & invited the kid to his ranch. When Arvizo had cancer, Jackson called him about 20 times and their conversations sometimes took hours.

When Gavin firstly visited Jackson, his whole family was picked up by a limousine. Gavin loved the ranch and went on rides. The Arvizos stayed a few days and Gavin had to witness a fight between his parents as well. He and Jackson drove a motorized car together. Moreover, Gavin and his younger brother Star were allowed to sleep in Jackson’s bed, but they weren’t alone-Frank Cascio and Jackson’s two children also slept in that room.

Frank Cascio,Jackson & his two children

Gavin said in court that Frank Cascio showed him and his brother pictures of naked women & visited about seven adult sites in front of the children. The computer belonged to Frank. Jackson was sitting right next to him & made some comments about the women that Gavin described as young, 15 to 25 years old.

Gavin recalled that Jackson started to call him “Doo-Doo Head” and “Apple Head”. He added that Jackson called almost every kid DooDoo/Applehead.

a sign of friendship: Omer Bhatti wearing a “Doo-Doo” cap
After this visit, Gavin returned to the ranch about 10 times and always stayed there for a while, mostly together with his father. Jackson and the 10-year-old were very close at the time. They talked for hours on the phone & Michael bought Gavin his favourite car to come visit him. Jackson even gave Gavin a computer. Gavin’s mother said in court that she didn’t feel it was right, so she told her husband that she didn’t want Gavin to go to Neverland anymore. Gavin knew nothing about that & felt abondoned by Michael Jackson. Here is a video of Gavin and Michael during the time they were so close:

As you can see in the video they were really close & seemed to like each other a lot. In 2001/2002, Jackson & Gavin had less contact because of Gavin’s mother and because Jackson changed his telephone numbers and tried to avoid Gavin. Chris Tucker visited the ranch once with Gavin together.

In 2002, Michael invited Gavin to take part in the documentary “Living with Michael Jackson”. Gavin stayed with Jackson for one week and a half. Jackson told the now 12-year-old about a burn victim and they went together to Jackson’s library. Jackson told Gavin what to say in front of the camera, for example that Jackson cured him from cancer.

At the time, Gavin thought that Jackson is the coolest guy ever. Jackson told Gavin to hold his hand during the interview, but it was Gavin’s own decision to put his head on Jackson’s shoulder because Gavin thought of Jackson as a best friend.

They became really close again when the documentary was published. This was a smart move by Jackson. Gavin defended him on camera & now he felt free to molest the 13-year-old, because who would believe a kid that defended Jackson less than one year earlier?

Jackson invited Gavin to Miami & Gavin asked him if his siblings could come as well. Jackson thought it was okay that his younger brother wanted to come, but wasen’t happy about the sister. That again proves that Jackson only liked boys & only wanted boys around. That was also the case in the Jordan Chandler case.

13-year-old Gavin Arvizo

In Miami, Jackson started to groom Gavin by giving him wine that he called “Jesus Juice”. He also told Gavin that this should be kept a secret and that the wine will relax him. He motivated him to drink it by saying that “he needs it because of the media stress”.

Jackson also gave Gavin some gifts: an expensive watch as a sign of their endless friendship & some games that Aldo Cascio didn’t like.

michael jackson brasil 1996 (4)
Michael Jackson holding Aldo Cascio: another special friend

On their flight back to California, Jackson again offered Gavin white wine. The following days, Gavin & his family stayed with Michael at his ranch. Gavin and Star slept in Jackson’s bed during some nights and they drank alcohol in Jackson’s bedroom. Michael took Gavin about 5 times to the wine cellar. Furthermore, they watched movies together & Gavin was allowed to go into Jackson’s music studio.

Jackson then went a step further & groomed Gavin on an emotional level. He gave him a note that stated the following: “I’m very happy to be your daddy”. Gavin’s dad left him just after he was cured from cancer (at the age of 11).

A couple of weeks after that, Jackson started to call Gavin “son” and Gavin responded in the same way. He called Jackson “dad” now. Besides of that, Gavin thought of Jackson’s children as his siblings. Jackson then again went a step further and started to involve sexual things into the grooming process. He acted like he had sex with a female mannequin in his bedroom.

Jackson then went with Gavin on a trip to Calabases. He again shared his bed with Gavin and his brother.

Back in Neverland, Jackson came close to molestation when he showed himself naked in front of the Arvizo brothers. He also showed Gavin a pornographic picture.

Jackson’s grooming process contained the following points:

  • He gave alcohol to Gavin (he had to keep a secret for the first time)
  • He gave presents to Gavin
  • made promises that they will stay friends forever
  • filled the child’s emotional needs (said that he is the father now)
  • involved sexuality in their relationship: acted like he had sex with a mannequin
  • showed himself naked
  • showed a pornographic picture
  • finally,performed sexual acts on Gavin

As you can see Jackson went further step by step. This is very typical for child molesters.

When Gavin’s brother stopped to sleep in Jackson’s bed, the molestation started. He told Gavin that guys have to masturbate and that they would otherwise rape a girl. He went on saying that a boy once raped a dog because he did not masturbate. Jackson tried to convince Gavin by saying that it is natural for boys do it & that he will teach him how to do it. Jackson put his hand in Gavin’s pants and masturbated him until he ejaculated. Afterwards, Jackson tried to comfort Gavin because Gavin was embarrassed. The next day, exactly the same happend while Gavin & Jackson watched TV. Jackson then tried to put Gavin’s hand onto his private parts, but Gavin pulled his hand away.

Gavin’s brother Star testified that he saw Jackson molesting Gavin about 2 times while Gavin was asleep in earlier sleepovers.

Luckily, Gavin accused Jackson of molestation at the young age of 13 in 2003, even though he lost the trial in 2005. Jackson was acquitted, just like O.J. Simpson was in the 90s.

Michael Jackson & Gavin Arvizo
Michael Jackson & Gavin Arvizo


    • Because he has no credibility at all.Even if you believe MJj was a molester the Arvizos look like extorsion.Mj was smart he was not going to show a kid on TV and then go abuse him. Mj was smarter than that. And Gavin was not his time not as cute as Omer Jordy and the rest.
      MJ had many sleepovers but didnt abuse them all some were just friends adn he probably masturbated himself looking at them when they fell asleep,maybe touch them.But a consensual abuse it wasnt all the kids and i dont believe Gavin was.You red JOrdy transcription and is clear as water,a 13 yea rold kid can tmake all that up and tell it so fluently. The arvizos embarrased themselves.
      MJ could not risk himself with another case,he kept the ones he could trust over the eyars..Omer and Cascios


  1. Pedofilia runs in HOllywood.the same story happened with Whitney houston and Ray J,Brandi youngest brother. Whitney acted like a mentor towards brandy since highschool.She had that little handsome brother and acordding to the leaked xvid with Kim cardasian he ha other atributes that ladies love…to make it short Whitney Houston was dating that little kid right before passing. a 50 year old with a 30 year old…but we all know that negroe had been doing Miss houston who knows for how long before it came to the picture.
    The story reminds me of frank Cascio or Omer,it starts as a father son relationship all the way thru adolecense and continues as grown men.Ironically all these kids bodylanguage clearly say they are bi gay,same for his nephews


      • Im not homofobic, but we are talking about young kids that spent most part of their teenage years hanging out and sleeping with a man acused of sexual abuse,a man that you have proved was gay and/or had interest in homosexual pornography.
        Since most kids develop ther sexual orientation during adolecense.. Im not saying that just because they are bi or gay as adults it necesarly means that MJ abused them…BUT it definately adds up to the possibility of the abuse ocuring. We are talking about self discovery,porn use and alleged mutual masturbation.
        It can be that some of those kids were interested in men sexually before meeting Michael.It can be that they were straight and suffered the abuse on his hands but remained heterosexual.and another posibility is they developed later in life a bisexual or homosexual behavior because of the abuse. we really dont know..
        I think its absurd ignore this fact. These young men being bi or gay does not make them better or worst than anybody.Its not homofobia It just adds credibility to the possibility of MJ abusing them and changing their development at that critical age that is adolescense.


      • Im not saying homosexuals were all abused of course that would be ignorant. But you are in denial if you think that a 11 year old kid can be introduced to sex by another adult male through mutual masturbation and fellatio and then remain a heterosexual man for the rest of his life.Talk to any psicologist about all the trauma confusion and sexual identity problems that abused victims experience later in life. They are abused but also obtain sexual pleasure specially in this case it was a loving caring sexual relationship with emotional aspects to it,not a rape or violent abuse and that pattern remains in your brain.Its not something you can delete like an email account.Thats the tragedy of child abuse,you are destroying th eposibility of the kid to have a regular growing process discovering his sexuality with girls/guys his age.You ar epushing him into adulthood and homosexuality.And its not fair at all.Its evil.No problem with being gay at all as long as its your choice not an adults choice over you


      • I just wanted to explain how a father-son like relationship like Michael had in the early stage with all those kids can develop to a sexual relationship.Like the whitney Houston example She took little Brandy under her wing like a daughter and embraced her family,including her younger brother Ray J.It was an aunt-nephew kind of relationship that ended with them having sex years later…Its the same scenario with different cast members. When police found young Omer Batti at Neverland it was already too late.He was a legal adult,probably having consensual sex with MJ an adult man. The question is..when did that relationship started? when did it turn into sexual?


      • I dont know but there hasnt been any rumors of grown men hanging out in Neverland in the early 2000s,those semen stains are probably from Frank Cascio and/or Omer.I think the only really close friends he trusted at the time to the extent of risking his career by revealing his homosexuality to them. I dont think MJ had sex with any gay celeb,he worked so much to become the biggest entertainer ever and he was not going to ruin his fans fantasy,in Hollywood people talk..so I believe those semen stains are from these young friends he trsuted for years of friendship,adults in the erly 2000s that he befriended in the 90s.When exactly did he started watching porn with them etc only God knows.
        But its clear they had access to porn cause it was all over,watched it in his presence and the rest of the story probably we’ll never know for sure.Half people believes the kids and half doesnt. They are clearly obsessed with him,they talk like him.Its as if they forgot their own body language and heritage,entered the world of michael Jackson and fell so in love with the artist the person.He became a father a mother a brother a mentor…He had avery atractive personality and he was so androgenous with the voice and make up so feminine that its no wonder for them to be atracted to him.
        I do believe it was romantic love stories,he loved the kids and the kids loved him.The problem is we dont know how far they got int he sexual department and how old were they.


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