Michael Jackson and Brandon Adams (1988-1990)

Brandon Adams and Michael Jackson

Brandon Adams was in 1988 in the public eye for being at Michael Jackson’s side. Brandon, then a 9-year-old boy, became basically famous for being friends with the world’s biggest superstar.

Brandon wasen’t just a friend who travelled with Jackson (as most of his male young friends did), he also worked with Jackson. Brandon played Zeke in Smooth Criminal:

That wasen’t the only video, in which Brandon appeared. He also played a young Michael in the Bad kids version:

Furthermore, he had a big role in Michael Jackson’s movie Moonwalker. All of that happend in 1988 when Brandon was 9. Sadly, this is very similar to the story of James Safechuck, who also played a young MJ in a Pepsi Commercial when he was 9 years old. What followed were four years of sexual abuse for the young boy.

Michael Jackson and James Safechuck (1987-1992)

What we can say for sure is that Brandon wasen’t abused that long (if he was abused at all). Brandon was close to Michael Jackson between 1988 and 1990 when he was 9 to 11 years old.

The friendship ended as fast, as it started. He threw the 11-year-old boy away. Brandon was no longer interesting for him after 1990. Please look at that picture of Michael Jackson and a 9-year-old child & ask yourself where Jackson’s hand is placed:

Michael Jackson & Brandon Adams

A person who played a big role in that friendship was Sean Lennon who was 13-15 years old in 1988-1990. Brandon explained that his family was very close to Sean’s family and that the two boys were often visiting Jackson’s Encino home together.

It is also interesting that Jackson cut-off Sean & Brandon in the same year (1990), as if he wanted to avoid seeing both of these boys again. Sean also played a role in Moonwalker, but befriended Jackson already in 1983 when he was 8:

Michael Jackson and Sean Lennon (1983-1990)

When Jackson died, Brandon stated the following:

“The loss of another great one has come upon us this week. Michael Jackson was a legend, a icon, and just an all around good hearted beautiful human being. My heart is very sad with the lost of my friend, there is no words that can express the grief and the pain that I’m feeling in my heart right now. Michael was my idol growing up and he was also my friend. I feel extremly blessed to have had the oppurtunity to meet him, get to know him, and even work with him. I discovered who I was and the talents that I possess as an individual through the influences of Michael Jackson. He was the greatest entertainer of all time, there will never be another Michael. He has reached so many people with his music all over the world. He was an inspiration for so many out there. I still can’t believe he is gone.

Still to this day, no matter where I go, no matter how many other projects I’ve been involved with, everyone from my friends, to family, my peers, have always said the same thing to me and that is that I was the luckiest kid in the world to have met and worked with the legendary king of pop Michael Jackson. Those memories I will forever cherish and treasure.

I also want to take the opportunity to send my condolences and sorrow to all of Michael’s family, friends and fans all over the world. I know this is a very sad moment for us. I will keep my friend MJ in my prayers and will look forward to one day reuniting with him. We all know he’s in a better place.

Michael thank you for giving me those priceless memories and allowing me to be part of your history and life.”

I will miss you!

Your friend and best child impersanator,

Brandon Q.Adams

Michael Jackson and Brandon Adams

However, there were darker rumors about Michael and Brandon. Brandon was rumored to be Brandon P.Richmond. That was a name on a legal document made between Jackson & the parents of a 12-year-old boy named Brandon who would have received 600,000$ for not seeing Jackson any longer.

Document : Michael Jackson and Brandon Adams

Adams denied that he received any money from Jackson, but he wasen’t able to convince everyone. The age does add up: Brandon turned 11 in 1990 and 12 in 1991. The document is from 1992. If the document was made before Brandon’s 13th birthday in 1992, it would make sense, even though Brandon denies it.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Jackson abuses a kid, seperates himself & then pays him money & it wouldn’t be the first time that a victim defends his own molester either (James Safechuck & Wade Robson).

Michael Jackson and Brandon Adams
Michael Jackson and Brandon Adams


1) Brandon P.Richmond:


2)Brandon’s statement:




  1. these kids NEVER addres why if he was their friend you never again saw them together again except cascios batti…wich I believe continued their sexual relationship as adults when MJ finally accepted his homsexual sexuality in the 2000s.


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