Michael Jackson’s sleepovers with boys

It is a common myth that Michael Jackson slept on the floor while he gave his bed to the sleepover guests. There were many children who testified in the defense of Michael, but they all stated that Michael Jackson slept in the bed with them. Almost all of Jackson’s special friends shared Jackson’s bed. Jackson convinced the parents of those boys that this is alright. Moreover, the parents were showered with gifts and money by Jackson, if they gave him their son for the night.

Let’s take a closer look into some of those sleepovers:

James Safechuck


James Safechuck was a close friend of Jackson, who slept in Jackson’s bed regularly. In 1988, Michael Jackson firstly asked James’mother, if James could sleep in his bed, but the mother did not permit it. It was Michael Jackson who wanted to share the bed and it was Jackson who asked the mother,NOT the child. During later trips, the parents never had a suite near Jackson’s suite, even though James was only 10 years old and needed his parents near him like every kid. These facts alone are disturbing and they make it hard to believe that Jackson had indeed innocent sleepovers with a 10-year-old boy. When they had their first sleepover, Michael Jackson came to visit the Safechuck family. Imagine that: A man, who is about 29 years old, is visiting your family and later on, sleeps in the child’s room of your sonThat started to happen on a regular basis! Sometimes, Michael and James would even pitch a tent in the living room and sleep there, together. James has siblings. However, Michael always chose James as his sleeping companion. Why didn’t Jackson share a bed with more than one child? Why only James? Was he trying to get close to one particular child? In Florida 1988, Jackson rented a house for the Safechuck family and one for him and James. If Michael Jackson really befriended families, instead of only young boys, then WHY didn’t he want James’ family in that house as well? In June 1988, James finally joined the Bad tour. He toured 6 months with Michael (June-through December), even though he returned to the US a few times. James joined the tour in France and was molested there for the first time as well. He stated that he slept in MJ’s bed on a regular basis throughout the tour. For 6 months, half a year, Michael Jackson had a 10-year-old sharing his bed one-on-one, yet MJ fans say that it is impossible that James was molested, as he claims. In early 1989, when James was about 11, he again visited Michael and accompanied him to the Grammy Awards, the boy again shared Jackson’s bed, without anyone else. Whenever James visited Neverland, he slept in Jackson’s bed. James says that he was sexually abused by Michael for about 4 years. The molestation started in 1988 and continued through 1992. How many nights did Jackson share his bed with that one particular child?!

Wade Robson


Wade stated that he always slept in Michael’s bed when Michael and Wade spent time together. Those are statments of Wade and his mother Joy Robson that they gave towards the court in 2005. Let’s see how many times Wade shared Michael’s bed:

Credits to : MJfacts.com

24 A. It was right after that visit. I'm pretty
25 sure it was that night that we went, my whole family
26 went to the ranch. And, you know, we stayed for, I
27 don't know, about a week or something like that.

16 A. No, they went -- we were all there for the
17 weekend. They left -- we all left and went to
18 San -- no, they went to San Francisco the second
19 week. We went back to Los Angeles with Michael.

4 A. I think that was the first trip that my
5 daughter and I slept on the floor. It wasn't during
6 that time.
7 Q. The first trip back in January?
8 A. Yes.

2 weekends plus 7 nights = 11 nights

2 A. Well, we weren't -- we didn't live in the
3 United States at that point. We still lived in
4 Australia. We were out on a visit.
5 Q. When you were in the hotel in Las Vegas, it
6 is true that you stayed with Mr. Jackson in his bed?
7 A. Yes.
8 Q. And your mother stayed in a separate room;
9 is that right?
10 A. Yes.

Las Vegas: 7 nights (cumulative 18)

13 Q. Now, at the time that you came over here for
14 the L.A. Gear commercial, you were staying in The
15 Holiday Inn?
16 A. Yes. In Westwood.
17 Q. And you were here for approximately six
18 weeks?
19 A. Yes.
20 Q. And Mr. Jackson had a condo right across the
21 street?
22 A. Yes.
23 Q. And you testified before, I believe, that
24 during that six-week period on at least half of the
25 occasions that your son was with Mr. Jackson in Mr.
26 Jackson's bedroom in that condo, correct?

LA Gear visit: half of six weeks = 21 nights (cumulative 39)

15 Q. Okay. Now, during the six-month (week) period, I
16 want to just concentrate on the period that we're
17 talking about, the May visit, you also visited the
18 ranch on occasion, did you not?
19 A. Yes.

LA Gear visit/Neverland: Say 2 weekends? 4 nights (cumulative 43) 

15 Q. And then you came back again in February of
16 1991, correct?
17 A. Yes.
18 Q. For about seven days?
20 Q. And during the time that you were here in
21 1991, you spent time on the ranch, correct?
22 A. Yes.
23 Q. You and your son?
24 A. Yes.

2nd Neverland visit: 7 nights (cumulative 50) 

14 A. Yeah. We would -- I don't remember exact
15 dates, but over the next two years, my mother and I
16 would come out, I don't know, maybe twice a year,
17 something like that, and spend a couple of weeks
18 with Michael.
19 Q. Would you spend the night at Neverland?
20 A. Some of it was at Neverland. Sometimes it
21 would be at the -- he had an apartment in I think it
22 was Westwood at that point that we would stay at
23 sometimes, too.
24 Q. That's your mother and you would stay at the
25 apartment in Westwood?
26 A. Yeah. That first time, I think a couple
27 times, sometimes I would stay by myself. Always --
28 I think -- sometimes -- most of the time my mother
1 and I went to the ranch together. I think once I
2 was there by myself without my mother. There was
3 other people there.

Visits from Australia: 2 years x twice a year x couple of weeks = 8 weeks minus 1st neverland visit (7 nights) = 49, but let's say 35 nights to be fair (cumulative 85)
(56 nights)
23 Q. Okay. How many times do you think you've
24 stayed at Neverland?
25 A. Um, it's got to be somewhere in the twenties
26 or something like that. Mid-twenties.
27 Q. And have you stayed there for varying
28 periods of time?
1 A. Yeah. Most of the time it's usually like a
2 weekend, you know. Friday, Saturday, Sunday.
3 Q. What's the longest amount of time, do you
4 think, you've ever stayed at Neverland?
5 A. You know, I would say a week to a week and a
6 half.

At Neverland: mid twenties = 24 x (Friday, Saturday, Sunday) 3 + extra 10 for the (say a week to a week and a
halves) = 82 nights (cumulative 167)
2 Q. During the period of time from age eight on,
3 did you stay in Mr. Jackson's room virtually the
4 entire time?
5 A. I'm sorry?
6 Q. The times that you would come and visit Mr.
7 Jackson from age eight on --
8 A. Uh-huh.
9 Q. -- did you stay in Mr. Jackson's room?
10 A. Yes.

21 Q. All right. After that deposition, did you
22 continue to sleep in Mr. Jackson's room?
23 A. Yes.
24 Q. Did you continue to sleep in Mr. Jackson's
25 bed?
26 A. Yes.

3 Q. Age eight to age 11, did you frequently
4 visit Mr. Jackson?
5 A. Yeah. Same amount of time. Maybe twice a
6 year, or every couple of months, something like
7 that.
8 Q. Is it safe to say that during each of those
9 visits, you stayed in Mr. Jackson's room?
10 A. Yes.
11 Q. All right. Were there ever occasions where
12 you went to visit Mr. Jackson when your mother
13 wasn't there?
14 A. Yes. I think a couple of times he had an
15 apartment in Century City that my mother would drop
16 me off and I'd stay for, you know, a night or so by
17 myself with Michael there.
18 Q. Was that a place called “The Hideout”?
19 A. I remember a place called “The Hideout.”
20 I don't remember if it was that place.
21 Q. Were there more places where you visited and
22 stayed overnight in Century City?
23 A. Yeah, there was a hotel that was -- I mean
24 I'm sorry, an apartment that was in Westwood and
25 then one that was in Century City.
26 Q. Was there a place where Mr. Jackson was
27 living in, either Westwood or Century City, where
28 there was a hotel across the street? 9114
1 A. Yes.
2 Q. And would it be the case that periodically
3 you would visit him there, your mother would stay in
4 the hotel, but you would stay with him in his room?
5 A. One time when we came over, we stayed -- I
6 think it was the Westwood apartment, his Westwood
7 apartment. There was a Holiday Inn that was across
8 and we stayed there most of the time. And then
9 certain nights I would go over to Michael and stay
10 with him.

Westwood nights: Infrequent, say 10 nights over the years (cumulative 174)

11 Q. Mr. Robson, were there ever occasions where
12 you stayed with Michael Jackson where you didn't
13 sleep with him in his bed?
14 A. Yes.
15 Q. How often did that happen?
16 A. I don't know. Maybe three, four times.
17 Q. Three or four times over years we're talking
18 about; is that right?
19 A. Yes.
20 Q. So, for the most part, the overwhelming
21 majority of times you shared his bed with him?
22 A. Yes.

23 Q. When did you stop sleeping with Mr. Jackson?
24 A. I guess when I was about, I don't know,
25 maybe 13, 14, something like that.
26 Q. Why did you stop?
27 A. I didn't stop sleeping with him. I just
28 haven't spent the night with him, I mean, in his 9118
1 room or anything like that since then, I don't
2 think.

14 A. No, not that I knew of. I mean, the only
15 other time I was around other boys, other kids at
16 the ranch, I think once or twice, and, you know,
17 we'd all stay in the room and we'd kind of fall
18 asleep on couches, beds, cots, wherever they were.

24 Q. Do you know if Brett Barnes spent nights
25 with Michael Jackson?
26 A. I don't know.
27 Q. Do you know if they ever shared a bed?
28 A. I don't know.

27 Q. Remember the last time you slept in his bed?
28 A. The last -- I think it might have been when 9130
1 I was about 14. It was at a Sheraton Hotel in Los
2 Angeles.
3 Q. And how did you happen to be there with him?
4 A. I stayed with him for I think it was just
5 one night.

Sheraton: 1 night (cumulative 175)

7 Q. Now, how often do you recall your mother
8 going to Neverland with you?
9 A. It's been every time except for that one
10 time that I spoke of when I was there with Jordie
11 Chandler and Macaulay and I.

2 Q. Where else have you been with Mr. Jackson?
3 A. Like I said, we covered Las Vegas. Westwood
4 apartment, Century City apartment. Sheraton Hotel.
5 He came and stayed at my place once.
6 Q. Where was that?
7 A. That was in Hollywood. It was -- my mother
8 and I had a condo, and my sister.

12 Q. When Mr. Jackson stayed with you at your
13 Hollywood apartment, how old were you?
14 A. I would say 11 or 12.
15 Q. Did he share your bed with you at that time?
16 A. Yes.
17 Q. All right. There was one bed that you had
18 in your room; is that correct?
19 A. No, it was actually -- it was a -- like a
20 futon that was our couch down in the living room.
21 Q. So both of you stayed on the couch in the
22 living room?
23 A. Yes.
24 Q. Was that couch your normal residence? Was
25 that where you normally slept?
26 A. I think that's where I was sleeping at that
27 point, yeah.

Robson Apartment: 1 night (cumulative 176)

Wade says that he was molested by Michael from age 7 until age 14 (1990-1997). We were able to prove that Wade has spent 176 nights with Jackson. No one knows what Michael did to young Wade during those nights, no one!

His mother Joy Robson even admitted that Michael called her late at night & asked her to bring Wade to the ranch, so Wade could spend the night with Jackson.

Is it normal to spend 176 nights alone with one young boy? It isn’t normal to anyone with a healthy mind, just like it wasen’t normal that Michael had young James as a sleeping companion for 6 months (and longer, because James used to sleep over in the years 1989-through 1992 as well). We don’t know the exact number of sleepovers, but he most likely had more than Wade Robson. This is far away from a normal interest in children.

Jordan Chandler

jackson-videoJordan Chandler was Michael Jackson’s first accuser. Jackson started to molest him at the young age of 13. They firstly shared a bed in Las Vegas, 1993. After Michael had shown Jordan a horror film, he asked the boy if he wants to sleep in his bed-Jordan did. June Chandler didn’t like that, but Jackson was able to convince her that this is alright (He needed 30 minutes). Jackson was the one who wanted that the boy sleeps in his bed, it was Jackson who asked June Chandler, not Jordan. Over the next few months, Jordan visited the ranch regularly and always stayed in Jackson’s bed. Michael also visited Jordy at home and slept in his bedroom for 30 nights (April-end of June). When Jackson flew to Disneyworld with the Chandlers, he also wanted that Jordan sleeps in his bed. Jordan had a very young sister, but Jackson never wanted her to join the sleepovers. Jackson also had Jordan in his bed while he stayed in Monaco. That trip was followed by a trip to Eurodisney, where Jordan also slept over. The last time, Jackson slept with Jordie was in July 1993, in New York. Jackson slept with Jordan Chandler (who accused him of molestation) 70 nights over a 5 month period.

Brett Barnes

fotos raras michael jackson (2)

Brett Barnes was a boy who shared Jackson’s bed for 10 years! He testified in the molestation trial that he always slept in Michael’s bed between the ages of  9 and 19, when he visited the ranch.

This is what Brett said:

14 Q. So you were 19 years old?

15 A. Yeah, I guess.

16 Q. Did you share a bed with him at that time?

17 A. Yeah, I did.

18 Q. You did. Have you been sharing a bed with 19 him consistently from age nine until age 19?

20 A. What do you mean by “consistent”?

21 Q. Well, in all the times that you visit,

22 predominately do you stay in his room, in his bed?

23 A. Yeah.

Can you imagine that Michael Jackson shared a bed with this boy for 10 years?! Until the age of 19? How many of you have a 19-year-old young adult staying in your bed, without anything sexual going on? While this is not criminal, we have to keep in mind that Brett started to sleep over at the young age of 9. Brett’s sister, Karlee Barnes, also testified that Brett slept 365 nights in Jackson’s bed:

Q. How many nights would that have been, approximately?

A. Let’s see, let’s divide 365 days into half.

Q. Okay. Is that about it? About —

A. Well, if I said I spent half the year overseas with him one year and half of the year overseas with him the other year, I think that would total about 365 days altogether.

Q. Okay. So 365 nights he spent the night alone with your brother in his room?

A. Yes.

Karlee was only talking about the sleepovers during the Dangerous tour when Brett was aged 10 to 12. If Jackson slept 365 nights with Brett in 1992-1993, how many times did Brett sleep over when he constantly shared Jackson’s bed between the ages of 13 and 19?

Brett denies that he was molested, but this is what Wade Robson did for many years as well. It doesn’t have to be true, especially since James Safechuck stated that Brett Barnes more or less replaced him as Jackson’s victim. Jordan Chandler, the boy who was paid off said this about Brett Barnes:

“He said that, um, like, if he wanted me to do something with him, he would say that [Brett] did that with him, so that I would do it. And, like, if I didn’t do it, then I didn’t love him as much as [Brett] did.”~Jordan Chandler

Another quote:

“But somewhere on the trip I said, ‘I didn’t like when you put your tongue in my ear and grabbed my butt.’ Once again, he started crying and making me feel guilty, and saying there’s nothing wrong with it, and referring to the levitators and [Brett]. I think he referred to [Brett] and said [Brett] wouldn’t care if I did that to him.”~Jordan Chandler

For Brett it is much more difficult to disclose, because all of this went on until the age of 19. If Michael was still having a sexual relationship with Barnes when he was 19, he might be not able to recognize that it was sexual abuse in younger years, or Brett blames himself that it was his fault, because he went on doing it as a young adult.

I’ve proven here that Jackson had an attraction to young male adults:

Proof that Michael Jackson was gay / homosexual (adult men)

The sleepovers with those 4 boys were extremly inappropriate and 3 out of those boys accused Michael Jackson of molestation. How can anyone call Jackson “innocent” when he has spent so many nights with them? No one can know what happend between him and the boys.

Jackson had sleepovers with many more boys. You can see the full list of all special friends here:

Michael Jackson’s boys

Frank Cascio wrote in his book that he shared Jackson’s bed for hundreds of nights. I doubt that it is normal for a male teen to have such a picture with a grown man:

Frank Cascio and Michael Jackson

Then there was Omer Bhatti. A friend of Omer recalled that Omer used to sleep in Michael’s bed regularly (and that boy has spent years with Jackson as his “family member”). This is a story, you simply have to check out:

Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)

Mark Ronson also proved that Jackson’s sleepovers were not innocent, because he and 10-year-old Sean Lennon watched porn with Michael during one sleepover.

Sometimes, Jackson didn’t even ask a boy if he wants to share the bed, at least Aaron Carter says so. He stated that he found Michael Jackson on his bed in the middle of the night when he was 15 years old:

Michael Jackson and Aaron Carter (2001-2004)


  • Michael Jackson has spent 176 nights with Wade Robson
  • 70 nights with Jordan Chandler
  • uncountable nights with James Safechuck over a 4-year-period
  • 365 nights with Brett Barnes in 1992/1993
  • Brett continued to sleep in Jackson’s bed until the age of 19

Check out:

When Michael Jackson invited a 14-year-old boy he barely knew to his bedroom


One comment

  1. Truly disturbing. No normal adult has such an intense interest in young children, and sleeps with them behind closed doors in a room that has alarms alert them if someone is approaching down a 30 foot hallway …
    Poor James.
    Poor Wade.
    Poor Brett.
    Poor Frank.

    Aaron’s story is the creepiest.


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