Michael Jackson and Michael Jacobshagen (1995-2000)

Michael Jackson and 14-year-old Michael Jacobshagen

Michael Jacobshagen was a big fan of Michael Jackson and firstly visited a concert when he was only 9 years old. He didn’t meet MJ there or talked to him, he was just an ordinary fan. His biggest wish was to meet Michael Jackson.

MJ and Michael met each other in Disneyland, France. It was 1995, Michael Jacobshagen was 11 years old when his mother asked Jonathan Morrish if her son could meet MJ. Morrish told the mother that Michael could meet MJ the next day and gave her a telephone number. They received a call by someone who worked for Jackson and 11-year-old Michael was invited into Jackson’s hotel suite.

Michael Jacobshagen stayed with Michael Jackson in Disneyland. In this picture, you can see 11-year-old Michael with Michael Jackson in France:

Michael Jackson and Michael Jacobshagen

The first question, Michael Jackson asked Michael was: “Will you be my friend?”. They stayed friends. During 1995/1996, Michael visited MJ many times. Jacobshagen was not noticed by the public during those years.

This is another picture of Michael Jackson with Michael Jacobshagen, who is in this picture about 11 years old:

Michael Jackson and Michael Jacobshagen

Michael Jacobshagen recalls that Jackson loved to play hide and seek and avoided to watch the news. According to him, Jackson collected Disney movies and watched them with his young friend.

Jackson also signed many photos/books for Jacobshagen during that time:



When Michael Jackson came to Europe in 1997, Michael Jacobshagen accompanied MJ to some countries. Michael Jacobshagen was 13 years old then. He remembers that Jackson felt a lot of pressure during the tour and had sleeping problems. The 13-year-old witnessed Michael Jackson taking medicines. He also says that Michael Jackson simply turned away from people who once hurted him. Jackson’s best friends were kids ,as Jacobshagen says, Jackson rarely trusted adults. According to Michael, he used to share Jackson’s bed as well, but Jackson always wore a pyjama and white socks. Jacobshagen said about the sleepovers:

“Sleeping in one bed, he had his arm around me, he kissed me on my head but never ever did any sexual things happen.”~Michael Jacobshagen

Jackson had a PlayStation in his hotel room that they played with in the evenings.

Jacobshagen was with Jackson in London for example, where MJ took this picture secretly:


In London, MJ told the 13-year-old that he does not know how happy he makes him.

They were also together in Poland, where Jacobshagen met the Cascio family and spent time with them.

He also travelled to other countries with MJ and was even allowed to join Michael Jackson on stage. Jacobshagen was dressed up as a mini-michael at the age of 13. He wore the famous hat and the glitter glove:

Michael Jackson and 13-year-old Michael Jacobshagen

Jacobshagen says that he was bullied by his classmates and other kids, because they assumed that there was something sexual going on between Jackson and him. During 1997, Michael opened many shops for Michael Jacobshagen and bought him toys.

In 1998, Jacobshagen again spent very much time with Michael Jackson and was sharing his hotel rooms. He was 14 now. Some pictures:

14-year-old Michael Jacobshagen with Michael Jackson and his son




Here is a video of 14-year-old Michael Jacobshagen and Michael Jackson:

In this video, you can also see 15-year-old Anton Schleiter. When MJ was in Germany, Jacobshagen stayed with Michael on his own, without his mother.

In 1999, Michael Jacobshagen also shared Jackson’s hotel room when Jackson visited Germany. He claims that MJ told him at the age of 15 that Prince and Paris are not his biological children. In 2000, at the age of 16, Jacobshagen still visited MJ, for example in Switzerland. During all those visits, he was 15-16 years old.

At 17, Michael Jacobshagen lost contact to Michael Jackson, even though they still had phone conversations. Jacobshagen explained that he grew up and wanted to build up his own life, instead of only travelling with Michael Jackson. After 2000 (after the age of 16), they never saw each other again.

Jacobshagen always defended Michael Jackson regarding the child molestation claims. He says that MJ owned books of nude boys, because they inspired him and not because he was a pedophile. Jacobshagen even admitted towards the german press that MJ showed him a book of naked boys and explained to him that it is “inspiring art”, when Jacobshagen was underage (possible ages: 11-16).He added that Michael found pictures of nude boys simply beautiful.

Jacobshagen wrote a book about Michael Jackson, in which he defends him by writing that Michael Jackson never molested him:



1)I basically took most of the info from Michael Jacobshagen’s facebook profile (including videos,trips and photos):

2)an inteview with Jacobshagen:


3) The book “Will you be my friend?”

4)books were art,even showed Jacobshagen a book:




  1. Great article on this unknown male-child “special friend” of MJ’s.

    Nude books of boys are only “beautiful” and “inspirational” to boy lovers. But I think MJ’s fans will/probably have taken his words and ran with it. Ugh.

    This was totally all inappropriate. He got bullied for this “friendship” as well.

    I feel sorry for all these boys-now-men.


  2. Fans are trying to say Michael Jacobshagen is a fraud, but there’s alot of evidence here that he knew him pre-1998. Maybe he’s a bit of an “media whore” but I dont think he’s lying on befriending MJ for now.


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