Michael Jackson and Anthony Jackson (1995-2003)

Michael Jackson and Anthony Jackson

Who is Anthony Jackson? Anthony was another boy who had a very close bonding to Michael Jackson. Fans love to claim that Anthony is Michael Jackson’s nephew, but that’s untrue. Anthony and Michael Jackson are not first degree related.Anthony’s father is Michael Jackson’s cousin.

Anthony’s father, James Jackson, died when Anthony was only 7 years old. Soon after this, Michael came into his life and raised him as a co-parent along with Anthony’s mother- Debra Jackson. In August 2016, Anthony had filed new court documents insisting that Jackson’s will is invalid and executors have iced him out, which means that he claims to be in MJ’s 2002 will.

He furthermore says that Michael Jackson considered him his son when he was a child, with absolutely no difference to his own children-Prince, Paris and Prince Michael II.

Interesting, since Michael Jackson has 5 accusers who claim that they were molested by him as young boys: Wade Robson, James Safechuck, Jason Francia, Jordan Chandler and Gavin Arvizio. Two out of those boys (Jordan & Jason) were paid off with millions of dollars.

Anthony has a proof for his close bonding with Jackson. He has a hat of Jackson, named as Exhibit A in the court filing. On the hat,it says:

“To my son Anthony.Love always”~Michael Jackson


Anthony was 7 years old in 1995, when he became Jackson’s protege. Those pictures were taken in 1995, shortly after the 7-year-old lost his father. Michael Jackson visited Disneyland in France, along with 15-year-old Frank Cascio, his 13-year-old brother Eddie and other young boys:



Anthony was Michael Jackson’s best man at his wedding with Debbie Rowe in 1996. To have a friend as your best man at your wedding is normal, but Anthony was an eight-year-old boy back then. The wedding took place in Australia:

Michael Jackson and Anthony Jackson in Australia,1996

Anthony visited Neverland on a regular basis, he spent his childhood there and was often seen with Michael during the HIStory-tour:





Anthony never gave a statment about any sleepover, but being friends with Jackson as a boy,usually included one-on-one sleepovers. Here you can see a video of Anthony and Michael Jackson:

The last contact that is named in his court filing was in 2003. While Anthony talks about how close he was to MJ as a child, he never talks about his adulthood. He says that he visited Neverland many times, but he doesn’t describe any closeness after Jackson left the ranch in late 2003. Here is a picture of 15-year-old Anthony Jackson and Michael Jackson in 2003:

15-year-old Anthony (on the left) and Michael Jackson,2003

It’s probably safe to say that Michael Jackson cut Anthony off when he was 15. Even though, Anthony stated that Michael has looked after him financially his whole life.

Anthony tried to become close to the Jackson family after Jackson’s death, but they have thrown him out. He hasen’t got any contact to them.

That Jackson turned boys into family members isn’t something new. Brett Barnes was covered up as Jackson’s “cousin” and Omer Bhatti as his “son”. There was never a female child similar close to Jackson.

Read Brett’s story here (1991-2001):

Michael Jackson and Brett Barnes (1991-2001)

Read Omer’s story here (1996-2009):

Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)


best man at jackson’s wedding:


court filing:




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