Proof that Michael Jackson was gay / homosexual (adult men)


This rumor was already going around years before Michael Jackson passed away.The question regularly comes up:Was Michael Jackson gay? Many people who don’t want to believe in pedophilia,believe so.It is almost proven that Jackson felt an attraction towards adult men (as well).Please,don’t make any opinion before reading this whole article completely.There was the DNA of 3 other men found in his bedroom.In two cases,it was semen& Jackson’s own semen was found at the same places as the semen of the two men.The third DNA was not clearly named as semen in the court documents.There are men claiming to have slept with Michael Jackson & there were homoerotic books found in Neverland during the police investigations.

Let’s start with men who claim that they had sex with Jackson.By now, there are 4 of them.Probably many more will come out in the future (or not).

1.Scott Thorson


Scott says that he slept with Jackson for sereval years.He first opend up about it in 2004.For Jackson it was possible to sue Thorson.However,he didn’t.In Scott’s opinion this is the proof that his story is true.Scott was with MJ in Europe & even visited London while Jackson was recording ‘Say Say Say’.According to Scott,the sexual relationship ended after about 6 years,because Jackson’s managment didn’t like to see them together around the time Jackson’s Thriller became such a huge hit.

2.Jason Pfeiffer


Pfeiffer says that Jackson & him connected because of their bad childhoods.He claims that he had a relationship with Jackson for less than a year.Pfeiffer never asked Jackson if he was gay,because he simply assumed that Jackson was at least bisexual.Pfeiffer described Jackson as a regular gay man.He also said that Jackson’s children aren’t his biological ones.

The problem:

But if you come out as Michael Jackson’s gay lover,you face a lot of hate.Pfeiffer says he had to deal with obsessive fans who even wished him the death.Gay lovers almost face the same hate as men who come out saying that Jackson abused them as boys.That’s probably the reason why many gay lovers (and maybe also victims) don’t want to tell their story: Their life would be simply over.It isn’t a surprise that only a few are courageous enough to tell their story.

That is something what Ian Halperin knew when he wrote his book ‘Unmasked’Halperin knew that Jackson was gay & he wanted to prove it.This isn’t easy,because men who want to destroy their own life are not that easy to find.So,he searched for Jackson’s gay lovers & promised them that they can remain anonymous.It took Halperin only a short time to find two lovers.Both of them were in their early 20s,when they had sex with Jackson.

3.half-Asian construction

He said that Jackson & him had an affair that started in Las Vegas.They always met in motels.He said that Jackson was madly in love with him for a few months.Jackson often was dressed up as a woman while visiting him,so nobody was able to recognize him.Even close aides of Jackson confirmed that Jackson & this man met each other & they said that they have no idea what was going on behind closed doors.

4.Hollywood waiter

This man was also in his early 20s.He was an aspiring actor, who worked as a waiter.His affair with Jackson lasted for only three weeks.But during those 3 weeks,the man spent almost every night with Jackson.His name was Lawrence.

Those two men didn’t gain money or fame since they are unknown & never gave an interview.There was no reason for them to lie!Just imagine how many men could share the same story but doesn’t want to tell,just because of the hate.

People aren’t just assuming when they say that there are more than 4 gay lovers.None of those men claims to have slept with Jackson around 2003. But during the police investigation in 2003,it got more or less proven that Michael Jackson was gay.Here are some excerpts from the court documents:


So,there were 3 male DNA’s found on Michael Jackson’s mattress.One of Michael Jackson and two of other males and a fourth DNA in his bed sheets.



Out of those 4 DNAs,2 were proven as semen by other males than Jackson.There was semen on Michael Jackson’s bed mattress and in a pair of underpants found in Michael Jackson’s room that didn’t belong to him either.On the bed mattress and in his pair of underpants was also Jackson’s own semen.

So who are these 2 men & what exactly was the third DNA on the bed? It doesn’t have to belong to grown men though.It could also belong to teenage boys.But not to prepubescent boys,since they can’t produce semen yet.Anyways,to prove if the male was 15 or 25 through semen is impossible.Jackson fanatics will blame other people for that.It is true that Michael Jackson was in Las Vegas right before the police investigation & fanatics will say that other people used Jackson’s bedroom while Jackson wasen’t there.The most common answers you get are: Frank Cascio,then 23,fooled around with a girl or even better: Omer Bhatti,then 19, fooled around with some norwegian friends.Both of these answers are false & impossible.

The first one destroys itself.Because if Frank Cascio fooled around with a girl,there would have been female DNA found.Makes no sense at all.

The Bhatti answer makes more sense but is impossible as well.It’s easy to say that he fooled around with other boys and this explaines the DNA of males.Jackson fanatics simply forget that MJ’s semen was found on this bed & in the underpants as well.So,it must have happend before Jackson went to Vegas.On top of that, Bhatti was with Jackson in Las Vegas.Here you can see a video of Jackson in Vegas, 19-year-old Omer is walking right behind him: (Bhatti just returned earlier to Neverland than Jackson & this is why the police found him on the ranch during their investigation in 2003):

But this is how far MJ fanatics will go to defend their ‘asexual’ idol. Blame the manager or even a teenager, but not Jackson himself.It could have been indeed Cascio’s and Bhatti’s DNA,but only if Jackson had sex with them.

Another proof are the books which were  found in Neverland in 1993 and 2003.There were many heterosexual books found,but they only had 7 (!!!) fingerprints of Jackson on it & over 700 fingerprints of other people-says enough.Some of the homoerotic books:

1.Man: A sexual study of man-found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom

I can’t show photos of that book,because it is gay pornography.It shows all kinds of sexual acts between two men-oral sex,mastrubation and anal sex.It is a very expensive book,so Jackson didn’t bought it on accident.Every man in those pictures is an adult.This book was found in Jackson’s bedroom.Because it was so old (1970),it was very rare & expensive.

2.Taormina-Photos by Wilhelm Gloeden-found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom

This book is clearly homoerotic.It shows pictures of young men:





3.Bidgood-found in Michael Jackson’s bathroom

Pretty much the same as the photos of Wilhelm von Gloeden.Pictures of young men:







4.Camp Cove-photos of Sydney men-found in Michael Jackson’s bathroom

naked gay men:


5.Before the hand of man-found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom



vint roy dean virile-image-08.jpg

This book was also filled with pictures of men who cuddle & kiss.Wade Robson said about that book in his testimony in 2005 :”It seems more loving in a way,like not so much about sex”.It was published in 1972 and rare.

6.Chop suey club-found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom





7.Bob and Rod- a book about a married gay couple-found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom

Pictures of kissing,cuddeling and two men hanging out.





Those weren’t all books that were found,but already those books should prove enough.Some of these books were highly expensive.This shows how fascinated Jackson was with the adult male body.

The heterosexual books were different than those books,not only because they had only 7 fingerprints of Jackson,but because they were filled with S&M,bondage & perverted sex.The opposite of  books like Bob& Rod,which show a married gay couple or Bidgood which shows gay males in some kind of gay paradise.Even the pornographic book Man:A sexual study of man only shows ordinary sexual acts between men such as mastrubation,oral sex and anal sex.No bondage and S&M at all.This shows that Jackson was deeply sexually disturbed & the opposite of a normal homosexual man.That was probably caused by Jackson’s own sexualised childhood.Besides of that,it also proves that Jackson had huge problems accepting his homosexuality.Some gay men who can’t accept themselves start to hate on women because they blame women for not being attractive to them.To give you a clue how sick Jackson’s bondage pictures were,I’m going to show you one of them:


Jackson also owned books about boys.Those books included ordinary pictures and pictures of naked male children.They were completely legal.Two of them were called ‘The boy: a photographic essay’ & ‘Boys will be boys’.Even though those pictures are legal,I am not going to show them.If you want to see them, please do your own research.

Another thing that Jackson fanatics love to claim is that Jackson was even homophobic.Isn’t that a contradiction to his songs which preach acceptance?It is & the truth is that Jackson wasen’t homophobic & also didn’t claim to be homophobic.He had many gay friends.Some examples:

1.Arnold Klein


To show you that Jackson really hadn’t got a problem with gays at all & that he did not just overlooked the homosexuality,I’ll give you a gay couple as an example:

2.Siegfried & Roy

Michael Jackson with Siegfried & Roy

He even wrote a song for them:

One of his friends,Marc Schaffel,even directed gay porn before working for Jackson:

Marc Schaffel (here on the right) with Jackson

He never had a problem with bisexuals either.Eddie Murphy is a famous example for that.Murphy was caught having sex with a male prostitute in 1997.Many people even discuss a homosexual affair between Eddie Murphy & Michael Jackson during the filming of ‘What’s up with you?’:

Aren’t there women who claim that they had sex with Jackson?

There are 2 who really claim that.One of them is Lisa Marie Presley,Jackson’s first wife.However,why they married is probably a different story.Jackson told his 14-year-old friend Frank Cascio in 1994 that he only married Presley because of a muslim sheikh who supported Jackson.Another point that shouldn’t be overlooked is that just months before they married,the first boy claimed that Jackson molested him (Jordan Chandler).Before that happend,Jackson was never in a public relationship.His second wife Debbie Rowe, never claimed that they had sex & even Jackson’s own mother,Katherine Jackson, said that Rowe was just a surrogate mother.And then there is one highly unbelievable woman who does not even recognize the difference between her ex and a wax figure (on her facebook page),Shana Mangatal.Shana wrote a book about her “romance” with Jackson & gives a lot of interviews,so she makes money out of her story.I believe 4 guys who didn’t received any money & 2 of them not even fame,definitely more.Especially if you think about the semen of 2 (or even 3) males found at the same place as Jackson’s own semen & the gay erotica+porn.When Jackson was openly asked about girlfriends,he lied. Jackson claimed for example that he & Brooke Shields had a romance,but after Jackson died,Brooke Shields denied this & said that Jackson was “asexual”.

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson

Jermaine Jackson also had doubts about his brother’s sexuality.While Jermaine denied all gay rumors after Jackson died,it was way different when he was alive.Jermaine showed his doubts in his Larry King Interview,2003:

Caller:”The question has to do with if you could define Michael’s sexual orientation between asexual,bisexual,transsexual,or homosexual?”

Jermaine:”Michael is a wonderful person”

Larry King:”You don’t want to comment on his sexuality?”

Jermaine:”Michael is a wonderful person.I’ll leave that up to you.”


4 men claim openly that they had sex with Jackson.There was the sperm found of two (or even three)males who can’t be anyone out of those four men who claim it openly,so there are more lovers hiding.Jackson bought very expensive books of gay pornography,gay love & gay erotica.Those book were all found in Michael Jackson’s bedroom or bathroom.It is proven that Jackson was sexually attracted to adult males.However,that doesn’t mean Jackson wasen’t a pedophile.Like a bisexual person can be attracted to men and women, a pedophile can easily be attracted to adults and boys.

By now,Jackson has 6 male accusers:

  • Jason Francia-Jackson paid him off with 2 million dollars
  • Wade Robson
  • James Safechuck
  • Jordan Chandler-Jackson paid him off with 22 million dollars
  • Terry George
  • Gavin Arvizio

Also the handling with other boys who defend him was far away from ‘normal’.Jackson had 13-year-old Omer Bhatti moving  into Neverland & they shared an unusual bond until the singer died,when Bhatti was 25:

Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)

Brett Barnes shared Jackson’s bed between the ages of 9 and 19:

Michael Jackson and Brett Barnes (1991-2001)


1) Jermaine Jackson:

2) Scott Thorson:

3) Jason Pfeiffer:

4) Ian Halperin’s two men:

5) semen:

photos above – court documents

6) Erotica and the gay porn + found in bathroom/bedroom:

7) Only 7 fingerprints of Jackson on heterosexual stuff+ boy books and gay books:

8) Eddie Murphy & a male prostitute in 1997:

9) Brooke Shields about MJ being asexual:



  1. excellent article !!!
    I wanted to know what you think about lisa marie, and secret girlfriends that many afirman?
    I do not believe Particularly


  2. I definitely think Jackson was a Homosexual-Androphile — as far as his Adult-Orientation goes. His Adult-Homosexual Porn proves he was into Adult-Men, too. I have no idea how the fans can still deny it. It’s obvious.


  3. Interesting article. Personally I believe there’s no smoke without fire and Michael was called gay in the late 70s, maybe early than that.

    As for Scott Thorson and Jason Pfeiffer, personally I think Jason is more credible. I talked with him via facebook and he seemed decent. Scott came out when Michael was still alive but he seemed sleazy in his interviews in 2012/2013. For example he talked about a Thriller Tour but there wasn’t such a thing.

    Also, he claimed in 2004 that Michael had a magazine with naked underage boys when they began, but he recanted it in his recent interviews.

    I don’t know, even if Michael was gay both men could have lied. Or just one said he truth. Or both.

    As for the women, the same thing. Even if he was gay, they could have told the truth. Many gay men sleep with women.
    But Lisa said some strange things. While she always denied the gay rumors, she seems to not being able to deny completely the allegations of molestation.
    I remember when Mesereau asked if Wade saw Michael with women he had to help him:

    7 Q. Have you seen Mr. Jackson with women in your

    8 lifetime?

    9 A. With what kind of woman? A woman that he’s

    10 in a relationship with?

    11 Q. That he’s been married to.

    12 A. Yeah, with Lisa Marie.

    Personally I’m puzzled at this. Even if Michael had lots of girlfriends what would it prove? Pedophiles have girlfriends too.


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