Michael Jackson and Aaron Carter (2001-2004)

Michael was befriending Aaron Carter in 2001 when the teen idol was 14 years old. Aaron seems to be two-faced when talking about Michael Jackson. According to him, Michael wasen’t always acting acceptable with minors.

14-year-old Aaron Carter

Michael met Aaron Carter in a studio. At the time, both of them were recording songs. Michael befriended Aaron & wanted him to take part in his charity song “What more can I give”. This was only the start of their friendship which lasted for about three years.

Michael Jackson & 14-year-old Aaron Carter recording ‘What more can I give’

Aaron was now close to Jackson & started to visit Neverland. The bond between the teenager & Michael grew so strong that he allowed Aaron to perform at his 30th anniversary in the madison square garden,2001:

After this show, Aaron received a jacket from Michael that he still has nowadays:


As a 15-year-old, he visited Michael many times. While he speaks mostly positive about his time with Michael Jackson in public, there are videos of him saying something different. He is protective of Jackson & doesn’t want people to judge him. In 2011, there were some reports claiming that Michael Jackson gave him alcohol & drugs. Those articles were based on an interview Aaron supposedly gave. Just days later, Aaron denied to have given an interview about Jackson. He also said that Michael Jackson never gave him drugs or alcohol. But the reporter Daphne Barak was able to prove that Aaron is just lying to protect his old friend. Aaron didn’t know that he was filmed while saying that Michael Jackson gave him alcohol & he didn’t know either that Daphne had an audio tape of him saying that he received drugs from Michael.

In the video he even finds excuses for Michael Jackson saying that “he wanted to drink”. I think it’s clear that it is extremely unacceptable for a grown man in his 40s to give drugs to a 15-year-old boy, especially if that boy already has mental problems because of early fame. Of course, MJ fanatics say that Aaron is lying. To me & to people who are educated about Michael Jackson & his young friends this isn’t a surprise. It is interesting which drug Aaron is naming: weed, also known as marijuana. Now it is important to recognize connections to other young friends. There are connections to Michael Jackson’s closest friends : Frank Cascio & Omer Bhatti.

In his book ‘My friend Michael’, Frank admitted that he & Michael Jackson smoked marijuana together ( He said that he was overage).

The police arrested Omer Bhatti in 2004, then 20 years old, for the property of (surprise): marijuana, even though he tried hardly to find excuses towards the press: He was arrested for drugs.

Both of them were adults when they were arrested or when they admitted to smoke marijuana. However, no one knows when they started to take this drug. Cascio was touring with Jackson since the age of 13, Bhatti since the age of 12. Nothing connects Bhatti & Cascio with Carter except the fact that they were all ‘special friends’ of Michael Jackson & this creates a problem for people who have at least an average IQ. Michael Jackson also owned marijuanait was found in Michael Jackson’s house. Michael Jackson might have seduced  his ‘lost boys’ to marijuana. What we can say for sure is that it was loved by people in his inner circle, who befriended him as boys.

Michael Jackson’s accuser James Safechuck who says that he was sexually abused by Jackson for 4 years, said that Michael Jackson gave him wine-Carter also mentioned wine.

When it comes to sleepovers, Aaron Carter made contradictory statements in the last years. He admitted that he once slept in Michael’s theater at the age of 14. There is also another audio tape of him telling a story which happend when he was 15 years old (the same interview, in which he also talked about the drugs). He said that Jackson wanted to stay in a room with him at 15 & that he found Jackson on his bed at 5 o’clock in the morning. He still says that he wasen’t molested, at least towards the public. Like I mentioned before: In public, Aaron is always protecting Jackson, private audio tapes tell a different story:

Aaron & Michael were also friends when Aaron was 16. Here is a photo of 16-year-old Aaron with his older brother and Michael Jackson in 2003:

cascio michael jackson (4).jpg

16-year-old Aaron Carter was also invited to Michael Jackson’s 45th birthday party & he stayed at Neverland for many days in 2003:

In 2003, Jackson was accused of molesting a 13-year-old boy & went on trial. In 2004, when Aaron was 17, he & Michael Jackson also still had contact, but during 2005 they lost contact. Many of Jackson’s friends lost the contact to him during the molestation trial. Aaron himself confirms this, since he also talks about a friendship which lasted for about 3 years (2001-2004).

Aaron still says that Michael Jackson was really important to him as a teenager. Here you can hear a tribute song by Aaron for MJ (3:00-5:00):

This song is more than just weird.


I remember when we met,

all the secrets that we kept,

And I remember when you said,

that you would never lie to me,

All the pain that we’ve been through,

All we wanted was the truth,

Was it not enough for you?

Was it never meant to be?

It tears me up,

to end a love,

The first thing that I ever had to do,

was find the strength to let go of you,

It hurts real bad,

the love we had,

I don’t want do it,but I’ve gotta leave,

I only want the best for you and me,

I want you to know that it hurts to let you go

Read about the other young friends mentioned in this article:

Omer Bhatti:

Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)

Frank Cascio (and his brothers):

Michael Jackson and Frank,Eddie and Dominic Jr. Cascio (1993-2005)

Other sources:

1)’My friend Michael’~Frank Cascio

2)Another source:


3) Michael Jackson’s house & marijuana




  1. Those are not the lyrics of a song about friendship, but an outright love song. From a teen to an adult, an 40yo adult who dumped him at age 17 for being too old. SMH


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