Michael Jackson and Bryton McClure (1992-2004)

Bryton McClure & Michael Jackson

Bryton McClure is a boy, most people don’t know about. The reason for that is that he keeps his relationship with Michael Jackson really private. Bryton was a famous kid in the early 90s and became one of Michael’s special friends like other child actors (Macaulay Culkin,Emmanuel Lewis,Corey Feldman,James Safechuck). How did Bryton and Michael meet?

Bryton was a fan of Michael Jackson. At the young age of 5, Bryton wrote a letter to Michael, telling him how much he loves his music. His parents managed it to give the letter to someone who worked for Jackson. It was a surprise for the 5-year-old when Michael answerd. His letter included an invitation to the set of his video Will you be there. They spent some time together on the set in 1992.

Michael Jackson & Bryton McClure

The next contact they had was months later, when little Bryton was asked to give Michael the Artist of the Year NAACP Award live on stage.

Michael Jackson & Bryton McClure in 1993

Bryton was able to talk backstage with Michael Jackson & Jackson invited the family to his home, Neverland. During the first visit, Bryton was accompanied by his father. They spent two days at the ranch. Bryton said that MJ wasen’t alone and that some of MJ’s little cousins were with him as well-Bryton befriended some of them.

After that, Bryton and MJ kept phone contact. He was invited to Neverland many times per year now & he always stayed there for a few weeks. Bryton loved the animals at the ranch & the huge water cannons. He also said that there was always some music playing. Neverland became Bryton’s place to play, because he as a child actor, didn’t have much time for that. When he left the ranch, he always thought that he was returning to reality again. According to him, Neverland was always open for him even when Michael wasen’t there.

Bryton & Michael Jackson at Neverland

Bryton stated that the rooms at the ranch were very simple and warm. He claims that he was never sexually molested by Michael Jackson & speaks for him only with positive words. Bryton’s last visit when he actually spent time at Michael’s house, including spending the nights there, was at the age of 17, in 2004. Chris Tucker was also there & Bryton stayed for 2 weeks with Michael. Bryton says that Michael listened to his music & gave him some advice. Bryton definitely slept in MJ’s bedroom, because he shared one of his favourite memories of MJ that took place in 2001 when he was 14:

The other experience was when I went to Neverland one night and we were awoken. Everyone went to bed and we sat in the chair in front of the huge fireplace, and just talked and shared stories. ~Bryton McClure

Also in 2001, at age 14, Bryton was asked by Michael if he wants to take part in his What more can I give project. Bryton took part in it and he went with Michael on stage to perform the song in late 2001:

On the left: Bryton McClure and Michael Jackson

Bryton also went on stage with Jackson when he was a young child. This photo was taken during the HIStory Tour, so Bryton was either 9 or 10 years old:


In 2004, it was the last time that Michael & Bryton had contact. While Jackson’s trial was going on, the two lost contact. Bryton felt sorry for Jackson & told a reporter:

I hope that people will leave give him a little peace now. It happened once that I talked to him on the phone and he was on the verge of bursting into tears because he did not understand why people treated him as they treated. I believe that in the end, he understood perfectly what was the price to pay for being who he was. ~ Bryton McClure

Another quote about MJ:

He faced many intrusions into his private life and difficulties on such a grand scale … It’s amazing what people can tell of someone they do not even know. And yet, he was still someone generous, altruistic and benevolent. The thing I want people to realize is that despite all the bizarre stories, jokes, the hype, the media circus and the tabloids, he was still a nice man. ~ Bryton McClure

In 2009 on Bryton’s official website, he left a message to pay tribute to Michael ~ “God bless my friend Michael Jackson. I cannot begin, he was a major presence for me and my family. His love, his respect, his authority and his kindness were truly amazing. Michael I miss you and I will love you forever. Thank you for some of the best moments of my life” ~ Bryton

So, Bryton spent a lot of time, also nights with Michael between the ages of 5 and 17. Bryton says that he was never sexually molested by Michael Jackson. Here you can see a video of Bryton talking about MJ:

In 2016, there were pictures released from the police investigation in 2003. The press talked about an ordinary picture of Macaulay Culkin. What I found alarming were the pictures next to the picture of Macaulay:


Next to the picture of Macaulay, you can see 2 pictures of young Bryton and in the one above, he is shirtless. This photo was owned by Michael Jackson!


An Interview given by Bryton himself:


There was a nude picture found of another young friend of Jackson:

Michael Jackson and Jonathan Spence (1985-1989)



  1. Theres virtually no information anywhere else about Michael Jackson and Bryton McCalre. None. I wouldn’t have even known that he was one of his “special friends”. And I know MacCaulay was a huge star and people suspected he was a victim from 1993, but I don’t understand how that creepy picture with Bryton McClare was missed by Mainstream Media.


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