Michael Jackson and Ahmad and Juju Elatab (2001-2003)

The Elatab brothers…to be honest, I never knew much about them and their connection to Michael Jackson. They live in the US, but originally they are from the lebanon. I did some research and I find that story quite interesting. Ahmad Elatab, the older one, met Jackson for the first time when he was 9 years old back in 1995. He met Ahmad at an event for Middle Eastern children. But, and that’s interesting, MJ didn’t really care about him. In all those years he wasen’t invited once. Ahmad became close to Michael in 2001 when he was 15. This gives space for speculation. I mean, a pedophile would invite him as a 9-year-old, not at the age of 15. It also should be added that Jackson didn’t know of the existence of a younger brother when he firstly invited the teenager.

“There was a thing about the press. They told everybody that he hates Middle Eastern children, and he wanted to prove them wrong. So he brought, like, 50 Middle Eastern kids, and met with them in a private studio in New York City.”~Ahmad Elatab

From age 9 to 14, Ahmad & Jackson only had phone contact. Ahmad became closer to Michael, because he as many other young friends, loved to be dressed up & dance like his idol. Jackson visited the Elatabs for the first time in 2001. He also met Ahmad’s younger brother Jawad, ‘Juju’. He liked the boys a lot.

Their friendship with MJ got even closer. After finishing the Invincible ablum, MJ started to invite both of the boys to Neverland. Ahmad who was 16 during his first visit in October 2002, said that MJ didn’t want him to smoke or to drink during the time he wants to stay at Neverland. Soon after the first visit, Ahmad started to visit Jackson on his own. When the boy firstly visited Jackson on his own, MJ gave him a personal tour of the place. Ahmad said about Neverland:

“There were lights everywhere. There were trees with Christmas lights, lights on the gate, tons of lights, sparkling”~Ahmad

Besides of that, Ahmad said that he got treated like a king and was able to do anything he wanted at the ranch.

In 2003, Ahmad revealed that he slept in Jackson’s bed. The sleepovers took place when he was 16 or/and 17 years of age. His mother stated that:

“Michael asked me if it was OK if Ahmad slept over and I said yes. I completely trusted him and still do.”~Hanadi Fattouh

Moreover, Ahmad said that he was allowed to do everything at the ranch, including visting the zoo & all roller coasters. He went on praising Jackson & calling him ‘kind’. As an example for the kindness he mentioned  a trip that Jackson did with him & 20 other teenagers to Toys R Us. Jackson bought Ahmad a Sony Playstation 2. Besides of that, he also gave him one of his masks. Ahmad asked Jackson why he wears maskes & Jackson answered that he feels ugly sometimes. Moreover, Jackson danced with the teenager & thought him his moves. Furthermore, Ahmad stated that Jackson’s bedroom was a typical teenager’s room.

“He showed me how to pop like him.”~Ahmad Elatab

Also his younger brother Jawad had sleepovers with Jackson, at the age of 7. Jawad said that Michael only hugged him and that he couldn’t harm anyone. Ahmad was asked in 2003 if Michael ever touched him sexually and according to him, it never happend. But he did say that Jackson loved to hug him and to give him pats on the head. This for sure is not “normal”, because Ahmad was a young man and not a little child. But as you can see he was able to understand that Jackson’s affection for him wasen’t usual. According to Ahmad, there was never anything sexual to their connection.

His little brother Jawad said:

“When I was sitting on his lap, he wasen’t like touching me on private parts and I was also sleeping with him and he was just hugging me, did nothing to me” ~ Jawad Elatab

Jawad stated furthermore:

“He’s a nice guy…he doesn’t do that nasty stuff to anyone like…he doesn’t harm anyone.”~Jawad Elatab

Michael Jackson,Ahmad (dressed up as MJ) and Jawad

Ahmad also said that he knew Gavin Arvizio and that the boy was obsessed with MJ, not the other way around. He added that he never saw something sexual between them and that Michael was a father figure for Gavin, because he lived with a single mother. Ahmad had a hard childhood & felt very sad about it as a teenager. He said that it was MJ who helped him to get over all of his problems. 17-year-old Ahmad told a reporter:

“When you are with him (MJ)….you feel like all your problems are gone…you feel like everything you had in your past-is gone…you’re loved…you’ll cry about it..and Michael will hug you and give you love.”-Ahmad Elatab

Ahmad wanted to testify in the molestation trial for MJ, but he was accused of the same crime: sexual child abuse, in the same year. The 18-year-old was found innocent.

Michael Jackson with 17-year-old Ahmad,dressed up as MJ and Juju

Whether MJ had contact to Ahmad or Jawad after the trial or not, Jackson was very close to Ahmad between the ages of 15 and 17 and to Jawad between the ages of 6 and 8, however they claim nothing sexual ever happend between them and Michael Jackson. Ahmad at least said that Jackson searched body contact on a way that wasen’t sexual. Furthermore, he said that he will never forget his time with MJ but that this is only for good reasons. He added:

“It wasen’t just little boys,there were teenagers as well,old people.All ages.”-Ahmad Elatab

He also stated that Michael was ‘filled with love’ and wanted to share a bed with the people he loved. To prove this he claimed that MJ even shared a bed with Karen Faye:

Michael Jackson & Karen Faye

So we have again 2 defenders. But we again have boys who exactly look like the type of boy, Jackson used to hang around with. The Cascio brothers, those brothers, Omer Bhatti, Brett Barnes, Jordie Chander etc -all of them looked very similar. Even though there were boys like Jonathan Spence or Jimmy Safechuck who looked completely different. Some of you might wonder now: Were the Elatab brothers that close? Yes! They visited Neverland half a dozen times between 2002 and 2003.

“He just loves acting our age…He called us doo-doo, appleheads and smellies. It was from his heart, I know it was.”~Ahmad Elatab

Michael Jackson with Ahmad and Jawad Elatab


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