Michael Jackson and Emmanuel Lewis (1983-1993)


Emmanuel Lewis was a child actor who had/has a disease that doesn’t let him age optically. That’s why he looked like 5, when he was in fact 12. He was Michael Jackson’s first special friend. Emmanuel was invited by Michael to the set of Thriller in 1983 & a friendship between the King of Pop and a (at the time) 12-year-old boy began. MJ taught his young friend his dance moves:

Emmanuel’s & Michael’s friendship was firstly noticed by the public in 1984, when Michael Jackson took Emmanuel and Brooke Shields to the Grammy Awards. Jackson & his friendship to a 13-year-old boy didn’t look right to most people back in those days, even though there weren’t any child molestation claims yet:

Michael Jackson & his 13-year-old friend Emmanuel Lewis at the Grammy Awards,1984

In the year 1984, they became really close. They were at Disney World together for some days & as we can see in the pictures, they also shared a bedroom together in the hotel:

Michael Jackson & Emmanuel Lewis





That trip showed to most people how close MJ & the 13-year-old actor really were and it was confusing, because everyone knew Jackson & Emmanuel weren’t related at all. In 1984, Michael even moved into the house of Emmanuel’s family, after MJ was discharged from the hospital (his hair caught fire during the filming of a Pepsi Commercial). It was Emmanuel’s family who cared about him. Jackson lived with the family of his 13-year-old friend for months until he felt well again.


In 1985, Emmanuel turned 14 & Jackson invited him to the set of We are the world. The 14-year-old boy was spending time with Jackson & Lionel Richie.

14-year-old Emmanuel & Michael

In 1985, Jackson also filmed Captain EO. He invited 14-year-old Emmanuel Lewis and Jonathan Spence:

Captain EO
Jackson and Emmanuel

The next year came & Emmanuel turned 15. In 1984, Jackson did something what turned his friendships with boys into a bad light for the first time, he decided to check into a hotel with Emmanuel as father and son. Of course, everybody knew that they weren’t father and son. Emmanuel’s parents found out what Jackson tried to do & thought the relationship that their young son had with him, might be unhealthy. They decided to keep Emmanuel away from Michael.

Emmanuel Lewis & his friend MJ

Even though the parents tried to keep him away from Michael for a while, they weren’t really successful. In 1987, Jackson invited their now 16-year-old son again to the set of The way you make me feel.


16-year-old Emmanuel Lewis sitting on MJ’s lap

In 1987, Emmanuel also became closer to the whole Jackson family, including Michael’s older sister:

z Latoya

Michael & Emmanuel stayed close friends even in the 90s. In 1990, 19-year-old Emmanuel was invited to the Jackson family reuion. One year later, Jackson and the 20-year-old were also seen together in Los Angeles:



In 1991, the 21-year-old was also invited to the set of Remember the time:


During 1992, 21-year-old Emmanuel Lewis received a gift from Michael which was Michael’s book Dancing the Dream. Jackson wanted to make it a personal gift, that’s why he put photos of Emmanuel & him over the years into the book.

In 1993, 22-year-old Emmanuel was seen again with MJ at the Grammy Awards:

Michael Jackson and Emmanuel Lewis

The next day, Jackson & his now 22-year-old friend visited Atlanta:

atlanta project michael jackson (3).jpg
Michael Jackson & Emmanuel Lewis

Another picture of Michael Jackson with Emmanuel Lewis, aged 22:

Michael Jackson and Emmanuel Lewis

If they had a friendship after 1993 is unknown but in the documentary Michael Jackson’s secret world, it was said that they were close friends for 10 years. They met in 1983, so their close friendship must have stopped in 1993. Emmanuel Lewis says that there was never something sexual to their connection. Here you can see some videos of Emmanuel defending Jackson:

So, Emmanuel was invited to the set of Thriller at the age of 12, to the set of Captain EO at the age of 14 (+to the set of We are the world), to the set of The way you make me feel at the age of 16 and still to the set of Remember the time, at the age of 21.Emmanuel visited the Grammy Awards with Jackson at the age of 13 in 1984 and at the age of 22 in 1993. He has spent a lot of time with Michael between the ages of 12 and 22. He was surely not ‘thrown away’ when he hit puberty at the age of 13 or 14. He still says that Michael Jackson never abused him sexually.



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  1. Another great article.

    Unlike the other parents, Emmanuel’s parents had common-sense. Even if they were friends of Michael’s as well, they knew a man that wants to sleep with unrlated boys is most likely a Pedophile/Hebphile. I have wondered if this is why he gets the boy’s parents permission to sleep in a bed with their sons. Any parent that says “yes” should be arrested for “Child Endangerment”.


  2. I think Emmanuel wasnt discarded, because he continued to look pre-pubescent well into adulthood. Therefore Jacko could still be attracted to him.


  3. I think he didnt particulary like black men sexualy,emmanuel is adorable and so funny to be around,even mysefl I would kiss his cheeks and play with him like a doll. Nothing sexual there in my opinion. But watching emmanuel defending Michael so much and after so many eyars of close freindship I wonder what made them not see each other again ¿?
    He was thrown away definately,probably when he started dating girls and becoming an adult man life.


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