Michael Jackson and Wade Robson (1990-1997)

Wade Robson and Michael Jackson

Wade Robson was born on the 17th September, 1982 in Australia & is a famous dancer, who already worked together with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Usher and well, Michael Jackson. He started to dance at the age of 2. He was a huge defender of Michael Jackson until 2013. In 2013, he firstly claimed that he was sexually abused by Michael from age 7 until age 14.

How did Wade & Michael met? Wade won a dance contest at age 5. The prize was meeting Michael Jackson & when Jackson came to Australia during his Bad Tour, he met 5-year-old Wade Robson in his hotel suite.

First meeting: Michael Jackson & 5-year-old Wade Robson in 1987

In Australia 1987, he also had contact with  5-year-old Brett Barnes for the first time who later also became one of Michael’s special friends. Wade & Brett both were 5 & both came from Australia. Another similarity seen here is that Omer Bhatti also firstly met Michael in his hotel suite, because Michael was impressed of Omer’s dancing. Omer was a lot older. Do those similarities prove something? No,of course not, because the stories were different. Wade had no contact to Michael for the next 2 years. Brett also just had phone conversations with Michael until he became a real friend of Michael at age 9, four years later. He always lived in Australia & just visited Neverland. Omer was picked up by Michael directly after their first meeting & he went on tour with the 12-year-old .When the HIStory tour was finished, Omer lived/travelled with Michael.

After their first meeting, Michael & Wade had no contact for 2 years. This might show that Jackson had no real interest in the little boy, because usually there was never a boy, he firstly had not even phone conact with. Michael told the family that if they ever come to the US, they should look him up. The US-tour of the Robson family happend in 1990 when Wade was 7. He met Michael again in the Record one recording studios. Jackson invited the whole family to his ranch for the weekend, and it was then that Wade Robson became close to Jackson.

Michael Jackson & 7-year-old Wade Robson

During the first weekend that the family stayed at the ranch, Wade stayed in Michael’s bed without his 10-year-old sister or his parents on the second night. Here the alleged abuse started. Wade stated that Michael molested him from day one. He says that there wasen’t something like a grooming process. This is something that makes Wade’s claim unique. All boys who accused Michael (Jordan,Gavin,James,Jason), talked about a non-sexual time before the sexual acts happend.

During the first night, Chantal also stayed in Jackson’s bedroom, but she only stayed in Michael’s bed twice more during all the time, they had contact. This was typical. The sisters of Michael’s ‘special friends’ were not sleeping in Michael’s bed, unlike the brothers of the special friends. Kieran Culkin & the  brothers of Frank & Eddie Cascio were sharing Michael’s bed, the sisters not. Karlee Barnes (sister of Brett Barnes) shared the same story as Chantal Robson. In Omer’s case, he was the only one out of his family that ever stayed in Michael’s bed, same goes for Jordan.

The weekend after this weekend, the family again stayed at Neverland. Afterwards, Michael took Wade and his mother  to Las Vegas & they visited Siegfried and Roy. The rest of the family was not with him (sister and father). During every night, Wade was molested by Jackson.

Michael Jackson & Wade Robson in Las Vegas

In Vegas, Wade’s mother was having a suite and Wade & Michael had one together. After this trip, Wade and his family returned to Australia. Wade flew to the US to visit Michael 4 times in the next 2 years. Wade was always staying with Michael for a couple of weeks. Sometimes, Michael would even call Joy Robson (Wade’s mother), while they were in the US saying that she should bring Wade to him late at night. So she definitely knew that Michael called her just to tell her that he wants to spend the night with her little son, aged 7-9 at the time. On Wade’s 4 trips in 2 years, Jackson motivated Wade to call him “Dad”. Jackson explained the sexual acts to Wade as “acts of love” and told the child that “he loves him”. Jackson added that no one would understand “their love”, because people are ignorant. Wade received the nickname “little one”, by his mentor Michael Jackson.

In 1991, when Wade was 8, the Robsons moved to the USA, because they wanted Wade to become really succesfull & everyone knows this more or less only works in America. Wade was just like Omer, a really talented boy when it came to dancing. Here you can see 8-year-old Wade Robson imitating Michael Jackson:

8-year-old ‘Mini Michael’ Wade Robson

Wade was now living in the USA & he visited Neverland quite often. The 8-year-old still shared Jackson’s bed until he was 14. During all those sleepovers, Jackson molested him. Their last sleepover was in 1997 when Robson was 14. While they were living in the US, Wade always visited Michael on his own, without his parents. He said that he spent 25 weekends at Neverland, aged 8-14. At the age of 14, Michael even sodomized Wade Robson, according to his testimony. That was most likely the last time he was molested, because Wade recalled only one sleepover at the age of 14. During this sleepover the abuse must have happend. After the anal sex, Wade’s molestation ended for whatever reasons.

Wade Robson & Michael Jackson


The longest time he was staying at Neverland was one week & and a half without returning to his parents. Wade & Michael also worked together. Wade was in MJ’s music videos ‘Black or White’, Jam’ & ‘Heal the world’.


Wade also said in 2005 that he knew Jordan Chandler. He claimed that he, Jordan, Michael, Macaualy & Kieran Culkin shared once a bed all together, but only for one night. He also knew Brett Barnes & met him when they both were 9 years old. Jackson didn’t spend a night with Wade & Brett together.

When in 1993, the first child sex abuse claim came, Wade says (now) that Michael manipulated him on the phone. He was at the time 11, just like the other australian boy Brett Barnes. When Wade was older than 14, he visited Neverland 25 times but without Michael being thereSo, he wasen’t spending time with Jackson during the visits that took place when he was older than 14.

In court in 2005, Wade was 23, he was defending Michael, saying he never touched him in a sexual way. Wade was imperturbable in defending Michael. He was a big reason why Michael was found innocent in 2005. The court couldn’t bring him down. The court documents are now open to everyone, just look it up. The court tried to to make him uncertain by showing Wade some homoerotic books that were found in Neverland:

1.’Before the hands of man’


In this book, all men are completely naked. In the pictures are men between 18 & 25. In some photos, two men are naked while kissing/hugging/touching each other. It’s quite a romantic book, not really pornographic, since the only sexual act here is a man touching another man between his legs (naked). It’s more showing romantic love between two men than sex.

Wade also said that: “It seems more loving in a way,like not so much about sex.”

This didn’t make Wade step away from Michael, he was saying : “I didn’t see any boy,I saw men.”

2.’A study of male sexuality’

A pornographic book which gives facts about homosexuality & shows pictures of sexual acts between men such as mastrubation, oral sex and anal sex, all adult.

They showed Wade  more homoerotic books which were owned by Jackson. All adult, all legal. But they also showed him books, which Jackson owned of underage boys.


The ‘boy books’ were books, which also included boys completely naked. No sexual acts, all legal. Wade said that some of the adult homoerotic books gave him doubts about letting a young boy sleep in MJ’s bed.

It was the gay pornographic book:‘A study of male sexuality’:

Court: “Is it a fact, as you look through that book, what is depicted throughout that book are series of photographs two men engaged in sex acts with one another?”

Wade: “Yes.”

Court: “And in fact, the sex acts are all acts, of either mastrubation, oral sex, or sodomy, is that right?”

Wade:”From what I saw, yes.”

Court: “And sodomy, as you understand, is an act of anal sex, is that correct?”

Wade: “Yes.”

Court: “Would you be concerned about a person who possesses that book, crawling into bed with a 10-year-old boy?”

Wade: “Yeah, I guess so.”

This shows that even though he was manipulated by Michael, he was still able to give realistic answers.

Read here about Jackson’s homosexuality:

Proof that Michael Jackson was gay / homosexual (adult men)

Which proves that MJ did manipulate him, was his strange opinion about naked photos of little boys:

Court: “Is it true, Mr.Robson, that all of the pictures in the book are of boys, about the same age?”

Wade: “Yes.”

Court: “10,11,12 years old?”

Wade: “Yes.”

Court: “And that many of the photographs, if not most most of the photographs, depicted in that book are of boys nude(naked); is that correct?”

Wade: “Yes.”

Court: “And in fact, in most of those pictures, the genitalia is prominently displayed; is that right?”

Wade: “Yes.”

Court: “Would you be concerned about having your 12-year-old child in bed with a person who possesses a book like that?”

Wade: “No.”

Court: “You would have no such concern?”

Wade: “No.It’s to me not a pornographic book. It’s sort of-I don’t know, just a book.”

Something in Wade’s mind wasen’t right while he said that. If a person possess a book of naked 10,11&12 -year-old boys, you don’t put your son who is that age in a bed with that person. It doesn’t matter what kind of book it is.




Even though Wade defended Michael,he said in 2013 for the first time that MJ sexually abused him from age 7 until 14.He said that he was brainwashed by a sexual predator.The nature of the abuse was masturbation,oral & anal sex.As Wade says,he never forgot one moment of what Michael did to him,but he was emotionally completely unable to understand that it was sexual abuse.MJ would tell the boy that if one day someone would find out what they were doing,both of their lives will be over.Wade Robson had 2 breakdowns in 2013 & as he says,his son was the one that saved his life.There is definitely some evidence against & for Wade’s abuse regarding the answers that Wade gave to the court in 2005.When Wade’s sleepovers ended,the molestation ended as well.

Michael Jackson & Wade Robson

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  1. Good article.
    I think his testimony and the questions he was asked definitely have to had rang in his mind after his wife gave birth to his son. He then knew it wasn’t “loving” or “normal”.


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