Michael Jackson and Jonathan Spence (1985-1989)

What is the story with Jonathan Spence and Michael Jackson?

Michael Jackson & Jonathan Spence
Jonathan Spence is the most unknown boy of Michael Jackson. He never really talks about MJ, but he is believed to be one of his first victimes & there are reasons to believe that MJ abused this boy, even though he says that Michael never molested him.

Spence was the boy who was with Michael filming Captain EO, he was 12 years old back then. The first meeting of them took place when Jonathan was only 5 years old.

“I met Michael when I was five. I was friends with one of his brother Tito son’s, with whom I went to the same school in Encino. My friend would invite me to his uncle Michael’s concerts. When we would go to his house, we would play with his uncle Michael.”~Jonathan Spence,1995

Michael didn’t buy Neverland yet. He was still living in the Jackson family’s house. It wasen’t really special back then, Jonathan was just a child who was playing together with his friends and their uncle. But things changed when Jonathan grew older. When he was 10, Michael began to invite the boy by himself & played games with him until night. When he was 12, he started to sleep over at MJ’s house.

Jonathan was 12 in 1985 & became Jackson’s favorite boy then. Here you can see a video of 12-year-old Jonathan & Jackson (1:57-2:08):

A worker at Hayvenhurst said: (of course, this statement can be untrue since everybody can say something, but at the end of my article you will understand, why there is more than that evidence that Michael & the boy’s relationship wasen’t normal at all.)

“Jonathan was one of the boys the singer was most obsessed with. It was 1985. ‘I remember Jonathan had precious blue eyes that Michael was mad about. Michael loved him a lot, and in his room he had lots of photos, even more than of his own family. Jonathan was a serious boy and he was always thinking. Perhaps Jonathan gave him photos of himself to confirm, in a way, his loving desires. I saw them hug & kiss but never say anthing sexual between them, although the boy stayed and slept in the same bed as Michael. I am sure about his because I was the one who changed the sheets.”~Estela Rodriguez

Another worker who replaced Estela Rodriguez was Blanca Francia, she also noticed that Michael’s bonding to the boy was not normal. Here again, nothing is proven and she could be lying:

“I never saw the mother or father. The boy called Michael ‘Daddy’. He was so close to Michael, he just wanted to rub up against him and stay with him. He wouldn’t talk to anyone else, he would only sweet talk with Michael. Just Michael. Even if was in the room, he would only talk to Michael, like I wasen’t even there.

They were sleeping together. I would come back to work the next morning and they would still be in the room.”~Blanca Francia

When Michael & the 12-year-old were on the set of Captain EO, they spent every free minute together. They were hugging & laughing and some people found their bonding really odd. Michael would even cuddle Jonathan while his mother was around.

Where is Michael Jackson’s hand?

But Jonathan wasen’t the only boy who was around while filming Captain EO, there was also 14-year-old Emmanuel Lewis:


Another picture of Jonathan & Michael:

Michael,Jonathan’s mother and Jonathan
The closeness of the pair on the Captain EO set was confirmed by Randall Sullivan in Untouchable: The Strange Life and Tragic Death of Michael Jackson:

“Michael seemed closest to the boy. They were seen any number of times nuzzling and hugging, and seemed to love playing patty-cake with one another. People thought it was innocent, if a bit odd.”~Randall Sullivan

On the 31st July, Michael needed to go to the hospital, because his hand was injured. A lot of journalists were there & of course Michael’s new friend Jonathan. This was the first time, the press wanted to know more about Jonathan, because already Emmanuel Lewis’ friendship to Michael wasen’t seen as something normal. When someone asked Jackson about the boy, his answer was that “the boy is a family friend”.

Michael & Jonathan at the hospital
They also visited Ward Kimball together & other fantasy/amusement parks over the next years:


Unbenannt 1.png

Michael Jackson and Jonathan Spence

Jonathan said that he liked Michael & how he was always caring about others, but was never talking about himself like other famous people:

“When we hang out, he just like any other guy. He never talks about himself, only about what is going on with others. We never talk about show business. Sometimes he’ll put on a disguise when we’re in public. When we go to Disneyland, we’ll go through the back and take all the alleys and back ways to get in front of the lines. He can’t wait in the line, no way. He would cause a riot. We move fast through Disneyland; if people get a good look at him, that’ll be it for that outing.

He’s one of the nicest person I’ve ever known. He’s smart. He knows a lot about everything. He’s a kid. He never really had a childhood, and he’s having it now. The stuff I read in the papers about him, I know it’s all a bunch of B.S. I just ignore it. A couple of times I’ve asked him about girlfriends and stuff, but we never really get into that. We don’t talk about the plastic surgery either, because it’s none of my business. He never brings it up. It’s not like he says,”Well,how do you like my new chin?”~Jonathan Spence to J.Randy Taraborrelli

Jonathan wearing the famous USA & Africa Shirt
Mary Coller, Jackson’s personal assistant and MJJ Productions employee at the time, said that Jonathan would spend at least two nights a week sleeping over in Jackson’s bed.

Michael & Jonathan Spence
 In 1995, Jonathan said that Michael never molested him:

“Nothing sexual ever happend. No amount of money in the world would make me speak of things that didn’t happen between us. I love Michael. We should never talk to other people about personal friendships.”~Jonathan Spence

In December 1986, Michael & 13-year-old Jonathan were in New York together:

89599153[1] (2).jpg
Michael Jackson and Jonathan Spence

Jonathan says that he never was molested by Michael, but as I already mentioned the strange picture of Michael & him, I want to show you another one. This picture was taken when Jonathan was about 12 years old:

Which boy, aged 12, would like to sit on an adult’s lap?
In 1989 when Jonathan turned 16, Michael bought him his first car, a brend new Mustang.When Jonathan was between 15 and 16 years old (1988-1989), he even visited Neverland. Jackson invited Jonathan to visit Neverland with his family, according to his mother Marion, “half a dozen times”.

At the age of about 14, he was helping Michael to find a ranch that he likes. Agent Gloria Berlin was with them and noticed:

“They were always laughing and playing – playing patty-cake together.”

It’s a bit weird that Jackson played such games with a teenager. Here is a picture of 14 or 15-year-old Jonathan and Michael Jackson:

Michael Jackson and a teenaged Jonathan Spence

Between the ages of 12 & 14, Jonathan used to visit Michael only at Hayvenhurst, because back then Jackson was still living with his family.

People who worked for Michael at the time said that Michael told them to give the boy everything he wants. Orietta Murdock, Jackson’s personal assistant at the time,said Jonathan

…would call often and ask for concert tickets. Michael had given us instructions to give him what ever he wanted. I remember when Michael gave him a convertible Mustang.

However, 17-year-old Jonathan Spence didn’t see much of Michael anymore. Of course he was a very busy man & was not on tour when he met Jonathan, so he had more time for the boy. But it was then that their contact broke up more or less. Jonathan & Michael still had phone conversations, but it became less and less.

Jonathan spent much time with Michael when he was 12-16 years old (1985-1989). He was cut-off sometime in 1989.

In 1993, there was the shock, 13-year-old Jordy Chandler said that MJ molested him. And what was found in Neverland in 1993? A naked picture of a boy who was believed to be Jonathan Spence, not with underpants, completely naked. It is unknwon if MJ took this picture or not, but he owned it. Why didn’t the police do anything? Short answer: naked pictures of underage boys are legal, if there is nothing sexual to see.

In 1997, Jonathan married at Neverland, but Michael wasen’t able to come because he was on his HIStory tour. Also in 1997, he was having underage boys with him: 13-year-old Omer Bhatti,15-year-old Eddie Cascio,17-year-old Frank Cascio & 11-year-old Dominic Jr Cascio.

Michael with 17-year-old Frank,15-year-old Eddie & 11-year-old Dominic Jr at the History Tour,1997
13-year-old Omer Bhatti with Michael Jackson in South Africa,1997

Jonathan told Victor Gutierrez in 1995 that he

had not spoke to Jackson in years, but during the time of the 1993 Investigation, Jackson called him to see if everything was okay, and if he was being bothered by a lot of people. During,the conversation, Jonathan asked Jackson if he has been with other boys such as Sean Lennon or Emmanuel Lewis. Jackson told him that it all was under control and that he shouldn’t worry about it.

A conclusion:

Jonathan spent a lot of time with Michael between the ages of 12 and 16. Michael was touching his tigh when Jonathan was 12 years old. In another picture, Jonathan is sitting on Michael’s lap as a 12-year-old boy. Michael bought the 16-year-old boy his first car, a very expensive one. In 1993, there was a naked picture found in one of Michael’s bathrooms, the boy on it was believed to be Jonathan. Furthermore, Jonathan slept in Jackson’s bed twice a week in 1985. Even though all of this speaks for sexual abuse, Jonathan says still & until this day that Michael never touched him in a sexual way. Jonathan wanted to marry on Neverland & so he did in 1997.

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Here about the Cascio Brothers:

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I have also proven Jackson’s attraction to adult men:

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  1. “Nothing sexual ever happend.No amount of money in the world would make me speak of things that didn’t happen between us.I love Michael.We should never talk to other people about personal friendships. -Jonathan Spence”

    Strange way to deny something. This poor man was obviously lying.


  2. Never mind that Jonathan could be telling the truth when he says he wasn’t molested. But who cares what he says, am I right?


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