Michael Jackson and Brett Barnes (1991-2001)

Michael Jackson’s australian special friend:

Brett Barnes & Michael Jackson
Brett Barnes was another young friend of Jackson. Brett Barnes is from Melbourne, Australia & had to testify in the 2005 molestation trial. Why?

There was a man, named Mr. Chacon who worked at Neverland & he said that he saw Michael molesting a young boy, but he wasen’t sure if it was Brett Barnes or Jordan Chandler. Here’s an excerpt of what he said:

Michael Jackson was taller than the boy. Jackson was bending over and started to go down in front of the boy, kissing the child all the way down to his stomach. Jackson then took the boy’s penis and put it into his mouth. Chacon actually saw Jackson put the child’s penis into his mouth and that’s when he took off. Approximately ten to twenty seconds lapsed from the time he first saw Michael Jackson kissing and fondling the child until the time that he saw him place the child’s penis in his mouth. The kissing was continuous until Jackson put the child’s penis in his mouth.

The bathroom area where Chacon saw Jackson and the boy was well lit. There are lights in the bathroom area and additional lights where the towels were located, as well as over by the wash basins. The showers have lighting as well. The outside lighting was very minimal, where was only a small sidewalk light to help guide persons walking in the area.

After about an hour, Chacon heard the bathroom door open. Jackson and the boy exited the room and the boy was mounted on Michael’s shoulders. The boy had on a white robe, but his legs were dangling around Michael’s neck. Chacon could see the boy was naked underneath. Jackson had a towel wrapped around his waist.

Chacon recognized the boy as a child who spent a lot of time at the ranch. He described the child’s height as coming up to approximately Jackson’s chin. He had dark, long and straight hair. His skin tone was tanned like Chacon’s. The boy’s parents were not at the ranch at the time that this incident occurred. There were no other children at the ranch on this occasion. He believes this child was a boy named “Jordy,” but there was another kid from Australia whose name was Brett Barnes. Barnes was the spitting image of Jordy and sometimes it was hard for Chacon to tell who was Jordy and who was Brett, although Jordy was a little bit taller than Brett.

The information, you can read here was taken out of Brett’s testimony from the molestation trial. Brett’s first contact with Michael was at the Bad Tour while Michael was in Melbourne. Brett’s family gave a letter to one of Michael’s dancers & it wasen’t a long time after this that the family received a phone call from Jackson. Since then, Jackson and the family had been in contact.

The first real contact that the family had with Michael was in 1991, when they visited him for the first time. Brett Barnes 9 years old back then. The Barnes family always stayed days or weeks at Neverland.

Michael Jackson & Brett Barnes
9 -year-old Brett Barnes & his sister Karlee Barnes at Neverland
There is also a video of the easter celebration. You can see 9-year-old Brett & his sister with Jackson:

Brett said that he stayed countless times in Michael’s room & also countless times in Michael’s bed. He added that Michael never touched him in a sexual way & that if he had done that, he wouldn’t stand at his side. The longest time he was at Neverland without going back to Australia was one month .Brett also said that Michael never took a shower with him, as Mr.Chacon claimed. Brett visited Neverland also without parents, but as he said, it wasen’t that often & he was older than 9 when he did that. Brett testified that Michael never showed him any pornographic material either.

Brett didn’t just stay at Neverland, he also went on a lot of vacations with Michael, when Michael was on his Dangerous tour. He went with him to North America, South America, Africa, Europe & Australia. Brett said that on some vacations, his parents weren’t with him, for example on a vacation to North America.

Africa vacation, 1992, Brett Barnes, here about 10 years old:





Europe has a lot of countries. So let’s start with Germany. Michael Jackson visited the Phantasialand in 1992, at his side: 10-year-old Brett Barnes & his 12-year-old sister:




In France they visited Disneyland Paris, Brett & Michael spent days and nights there:





There is also a video of them in France:

They were also visiting London, the capital of England:




Here you can see another video of Brett & Michael:

During the tour, Brett met another child. It was the boy who later accused Jackson of sexual molestation:

Jordy & Brett knew each other: Michael Jackson with 13-year-old Jordan Chandler & 11-year-old Brett Barnes
In 1993, Jackson was accused the first time of having touched an underage boy in a sexual way (Jordan Chandler). 11-year-old Brett was on TV, saying Jordan is lying. That video was huge in 1993, since Tom Sneddon also mentioned Brett as Michael’s possible victim. People trusted the 11-year-old at the time because he knew both, Michael & Jordy.

In this video, Brett also says that it isn’t weird that he shares Jackson’s bed.

Michael & the Barnes family in Las Vegas ,1991

Michael Jackson with Brett Barnes and his sister
In late 1993, Brett Barnes, Eddie & Frank Cascio (also two defenders) were in Argentina. Brett was 12 years old during this trip.

Michael & Brett Barnes with Eddie Cascio

MJ with Brett Barnes & the Cascio boys
12-year-old Brett Barnes with Michael Jackson in late 1993:

fotos raras michael jackson (2)

Here you can see 13-year-old Frank Cascio & 12-year-old Brett Barnes in Mexico City:


The Dangerous Tour was over.

They stayed friends. In court, Brett was asked when he stopped visiting Neverland. His answer was: “I still.I contiued to visit to this day.” He also said that when he shared Michael’s bed as a kid, that they were in some nights also other kids, like Dominic, Frank, Eddie Cascio, Macaulay Culkin, Levon & Elijah. Brett said that he didn’t stop to sleep in Michael’s bed until he was 19, also sometimes with other people in the room, including Michael’s son Prince who was 3 years old then. Brett testified that for Michael, bed sharing isn’t something sexual, it’s more like having fun or having a party. Also Brett’s sister visited Neverland as an adult, but she slept only 2 times in Michael’s bed while Brett slept in Jackson’s bed countless times between the ages of 9 and 19. Brett admitted that most of the sleepovers took place between him and Jackson aloneWhen the court asked him if he always slept in Michael’s bed (during every visit) when he visited Neverland between the ages of 9 and 19, Brett’s answer was: “Yes”.

14 Q. So you were 19 years old?

15 A. Yeah, I guess.

16 Q. Did you share a bed with him at that time?

17 A. Yeah, I did.

18 Q. You did. Have you been sharing a bed with 19 him consistently from age nine until age 19?

20 A. What do you mean by “consistent”?

21 Q. Well, in all the times that you visit,

22 predominately do you stay in his room, in his bed?

23 A. Yeah.

Brett Barnes leaving court

When in 2013, Wade Robson came forward and said that he was indeed molested, Brett claimed that he just wants money.


Brett didn’t say something about James Safechuck yet or about his claim that Brett was Michael’s victim. But it should look strange to everyone (not criminal) that Brett slept in Michael’s bed as a 19-year-old young man.

Here is a picture of Brett Barnes as an adult with Michael Jackson:

Brett Barnes and Michael Jackson

So,bed sharing took place between 1991 and 2001. Both of Jackson’s accusers (Wade Robson & James Safechuck) said that when the sex ended, the bed sharing ended as well. In Brett’s case that means: If their relationship was sexual, the sexual acts probably happend between the ages of 9 & 19. Karlee Barnes also testified in 2005 that her young brother slept around 365 nights in Jackson’s bed.

Q. And virtually every night on that tour, Mr. Jackson slept with your brother Brett?

A. Yes.

Q. How many nights would that have been, approximately?

A. Let’s see, let’s divide 365 days into half.

Q. Okay. Is that about it? About —

A. Well, if I said I spent half the year overseas with him one year and half of the year overseas with him the other year, I think that would total about 365 days altogether.

Q. Okay. So 365 nights he spent the night alone with your brother in his room?

A. Yes.

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Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)

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Brett’s testimony:


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