Michael Jackson and Frank,Eddie and Dominic Jr. Cascio (1993-2005)

Michael Jackson and Dominic Jr
Pictures, Michael Jackson with her friend Frank Cascio
Michael Jackson with Frank and Eddie Cascio

Michael met those boys through their father Dominic Cascio. Back in the early 80s, he was working as the general manager of the Helmsley Palace Hotel in New York and Michael Jackson was a regular visitor. He & Jackson became friends and Jackson hastily asked if Dominic has any kids. Then there was the day in 1984, when Michael Jackson met Dominic’s little sons for the first time. Their names are Frank & Eddie and back then, they were only 4 and 2 years old. Here are some pictures of their first meeting in the hotel:

Michael Jackson & Frank,Eddie Cascio
Frank Cascio & Michael Jackson
Frank Cascio & Michael Jackson
Dominic,Connie,Frank & Eddie
Jackson was now very friendly with the family and during the 80s he was regulary visiting them at their home in New Jersey. The two boys hadn’t got an idea who they were friends with. They were simply too young to realize that Michael Jackson was a huge star.

Michael Jackson,Frank&Eddie Cascio
Michael Jackson & Frank,Eddie
Michael,Eddie and Frank
Even though they were so close, the Cascio brothers never visited Neverland in the late 80s. They firstly visited Neverland in 1992. On their first visit, Frank was 12 years old and Eddie was about 10 years old. Michael Jackson and the Cascio brothers in the early 90s:

Michael Jackson & Frank Cascio 
Frank and his young brother Eddie with Michael Jackson

In 1992, the two boys and Michael Jackson have spent a lot of time together at Neverland. But in July of 1992, Michael Jackson started his Dangerous World Tour. Surprisingly, he was not accompanied by Frank and Eddie but by a boy named Brett Barnes of whom he met  in 1991. In the second half of 1992, Michael and the Cascio brothers hadn’t got contact, except for phone calls. In early 1993, Jackson met Jordan Chandler and it was then that he actually returned to spend time on Neverland. Frank, then a 13-year-old, has spent time with Jordan and he says that he never saw Jordan in Michael’s bedroom. Jackson left the US to continue his tour with Brett & Jordan but without the Cascio brothers, even though he knew those boys a lot better and by now already for almost 10 years. The boys’ absence at the tour stopped when Michael Jackson was firstly accused of molesting Chandler. Jordan didn’t tour with Jackson any longer…It was then that Michael picked up 13-year-old Frank & 11-year-old Eddie to join his tour. This almost seems like he replaced Jordan through these boys. Frank & Eddie were mostly touring alone with Michael & their parents just visited them in some cities. The boys joined the tour in Israel on the 19th September in 1993. The tour ended in November of the same year, so the boys toured 3 months with Michael Jackson. They were with him in Israel, Turkey, Spain, Argentina, Brasil, Chile & Mexico. Their brother Dominic Jr was 7 then and didn’t join the tour yet.

Israel, 1993:

Michael Jackson & Cascio brothers

Turkey, 1993:

Michael Jackson & 13-year-old Frank

Spain, 1993:

Michael Jackson Arriving in Spain 1993 (3).jpg

Argentina, 1993:

michael jackson argentina 1993 (6).jpg

There isn’t a picture of them in Brasil. So let’s go on with Chile and Mexico:

Jackson with 13-year-old Frank,12-year-old Brett Barnes and 11-year-old Eddie Cascio in Chile.

The tour was over and during the tour developed a close bond between MJ and the Cascio boys. For years, they weren’t invited to visit Neverland. Jackson even picked other kids to tour with him, instead of the Cascios. But now, they were really close. Between 1994 and 1995, the two boys were with Jackson on most of his private trips. Frank was aged 14-15 then and Eddie, 12-13. An example is the trip to Disneyland Paris in 1995, when Frank was 15 and Eddie was 13 years old:

15-year-old Frank Cascio and 13-year-old  Eddie Cascio in Paris

In his book ‘My friend Michael’, Frank Cascio also claims that Michael told him as a 14-year-old that he married Lisa Marie Presley because of an arabic sheikh who would only support him, if he was married. In the same book, he also wrote that he and his brother slept in Michael’s bed hundreds of times. After they have spent so much time together in 1994/5 at Neverland and on vacations, Jackson started the HIStory tour in 1996. The tour ended in 1997. Brett Barnes didn’t tour with him anymore, but he continued to visit Neverland and during those visits, he slept constantly in MJ’s bed until the age of 19. Frank & Eddie toured with him again. Frank was 16-17 years old and Eddie was 14-15. But now it wasen’t just these two boys, Michael also gave more attention to their brother Dominic Jr who was 10-11 years old during this tour. The rest of the family was also on the tour but Michael was always seen with these 3 boys together or with the rest of the Cascio family. Their trips were mostly seperated. Some pictures of Michael with the Cascio boys in 1996/1997.

Marocco: Frank aged 16, Eddie aged 14 and Dominic Jr aged 10:


Brunei, 1996:


Michael,Frank,Eddie & Dominic Jr
Michael Jackson In Budapest 1996
Frank (16),Eddie (14) and Dominic Jr (10) with Michael Jackson

Even though, he was close with all 3 Cascio boys, it was Frank who was his favorite during the HIStory tour. In those pictures, Frank is 16 or 17 years old. They were all taken in 1996 and 1997:

Frank was very close to Jackson
17-year-old Frank is Michael Jackson’s full grown ‘mini-me’
16-year-old Frank and Michael in a telling picture
Frank & Michael

During the tour, Frank also got to know 12-year-old Omer Bhatti who Michael introduced as ‘Little Michael’ at dinner after he picked him up in Tunis. Omer stayed in Michael’s life until his death and they were unsually close as well:

Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)

The Cascios stayed in Michael’s life also after the tour. The three brothers were still deeply involved in Michael’s life. This picture was taken in 1999 when Frank was 19, Eddie was 17 and Dominic Jr was 13.


When Frank was 19, he started to work for Michael and had different jobs over the years. He worked for Michael from 1999 until about 2003. Here are some pictures of Michael and Frank during those years, Frank was aged 19-23:


michael_jackson__frank_cascio (3).jpg

Michael & Frank
This picture shows how close Frank and Jackson were
Frank with Jackson and his children

Also Eddie & Dominic Jr were around in those years, but Frank was a lot closer and spent sometimes 24h with Jackson. Frank even still slept in Jackson’s room in 2000 (at age 20) with Gavin Arvizio.

Michael Jackson with Frank,Eddie,Dominic Jr and Omer Bhatti

Frank & Michael had a conflict in about 2005 concerning the question, if Frank Cascio didn’t want to testify at the trail or if the court didn’t want to hear him. This lead to a phase, in which they hadn’t got contact at all.

Frank was cut-off by Jackson in 2005. Frank explained in his book how heartbroken and sad he felt about Jackson not believing him. Frank had been loyal to Jackson for years, but this conflict was enough for Jackson to cut Frank off-a man who would have done everything for him. That shows how betrayed Michael felt by Frank.

They hadn’t got contact anymore, besides of some conversations in late 2007-2008, when Jackson was able to talk with Frank again after 2 years. Frank couldn’t manage to get really close to Jackson again.

Frank was extremly close to Jackson from 1993 to 2004, when Frank was 13-24 years old. Frank was one of Jackson’s closest boys.

Some more photos:

Adult Cascio boys with Michael Jackson
Frank on the left and Dominic Jr holding MJ’s hand
Frank Cascio & MJ
Michael Jackson & Eddie + Frank Cascio
Michael and Dominic Jr
Frank and Michael


1) Frank’s book ‘My friend Michael’

2) another source:


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  1. Great article.

    It’s unfortunate that Frank is still so brainwashed about Jackson.

    I simply don’t understand how their parents could give Jackson so much unsupervised time with their sons, espescially after the Chandler allegations 1993. I don’t care how much he cried (lol @ a grown-man crying to get what he wants). I believe he most likely molested all three Cascio brothers. How sad.


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