Michael Jackson and Corey Feldman (1984-1988)

Corey Feldman was another friend of Michael, but he also came in Michael’s life as a 13-year-old teenager. This article is the summary of the child star’s & Michael’s story that Feldman published in his biography Coreyography. They were close friends when Corey was between the ages of 13 and 17.

When Feldman was finishing up Gremlins in the winter of 1984, his love for Michael Jackson (as he says himself) turned into a full-blown obsession. He bought all fan magazines & spent hours staring at pictures of Michael perfoming. Steven Spielberg was a friend of Michael Jackson. Spielberg was very close with Feldman while filming Gremlins, so Corey just asked Spielberg if it’s possible that he would meet Michael one day.

“I was going to meet Michael Jackson if it killed me”~ Corey Feldman

Steven soon planned a meeting between Michael & Corey which didn’t take place, even though Michael invited the boy into his hotel.

When the Goonies were still in production, Steven had a surprise for his 13-year-old actor, he told him that today is the day & that he will meet MJ for the first time. Corey later met Michael who was directly walking towards him. In the conversation that Jackson had with the boy, he told him what a great kid actor he is. Jackson left the set without saying goodbye to Corey. It was the next day & Jackson returned to the set. Corey told him how sad he was when he left the day before, Jackson answerd:“You should have known I was coming back”. Corey dreamed about being an underage friend of Michael, such as Emmanuel Lewis (another child actor) was at the time. He told MJ that he wants to be his friend. Jackson promised the boy to call him at night.

Their first phone conversation took two-and-a-half hours, as Corey says, it was like talking to another boy & not really like a phone conversation with an adult. Jackson was singing for Corey in that phone call. Corey was really afraid to lose his new friend, that’s why he asked Jackson to promise him that they will stay friends. Jackson gave his promise to his new underage friend. Feldman said that Jackson was paranoid & changed his phone number every few months. But Corey had always the opportunity to contact him somehow.

Corey started to visit Michael & he claims that if you once were in, he was just like anyone else .Even at his young age of only 14, Feldman already started to wonder who the real MJ really was. Corey says that Jackson & him were starting to talk regularly, about once every two weeks. Corey invited Michael to a ‘private tour’. On the phone, Jackson asked him what he should wear. Feldman added that Michael Jackson never was not Michael Jackson & would almost always walk around with stage outfits. When Jackson finally arrived, Corey noticed that he brought Emmanuel Lewis with him. That was when Corey realized that he was really becoming a part of Jackson’s inner circle, because he was introduced to Jackson’s other underage friends.

Michael Jackson,Emmanuel Lewis & 14-year-old Corey Feldman
Jackson & Corey had been friends for nearly a year when Jackson invited the boy to a party at his home. Corey says that Jackson already planned back then, to buy a ranch like Neverland. Corey got a lot of presents by Michael at this party, including some of his gloves.

It was while filming the Lost Boys, when Jackson called his 15-year-old friend again. He sang Bad on the phone for him. Corey said that it was shortly after this that he was molested again (Feldman was sexually abused as a teenager,but defended Jackson his whole life).After this, he needed to see Michael again, because he felt safe around him.

Here is a picture of Corey with Jackson, taken in 1987, when Corey was 16:

16-year-old Corey Feldman with Jackson on the set of ‘Smooth Criminal’
Corey said that Michael Jackson’s world became his happy place & that with Michael he felt like being 10 years old again. They even went to Disneyland together. Michael was dressed up as a different person and they went through Disneyland like regular people. They spent the night at the Disneyland Hotel & they slept in one apartment. Feldman said that Michael never sexually touched him in this night or during any other night/day. There was only one bed in the apartment, because no apartment was available with two beds (again,they were dressed up as normal people). Jackson wanted that the boy takes the bed. Jackson didn’t sleep in the bed that night. Corey also says he spent nights at Michael’s house & that nothing sexually ever happend between them.

Michael Jackson & Corey Feldman
A night Corey remembers really well was a night, where they were just hanging out & having a lot of fun.

In 1988, when Corey was 17 years old, he filmed the video ‘Dream a Little Dream’. He was dressed up like Michael:

He still was a big fan of MJ & also still Michael’s friend:

Michael Jackson & Corey Feldman
According to Corey he didn’t saw Jackson a lot after 1988. There were years, in which they didn’t even talk to each other on the phone. It was 1993 (Corey was 22 years old) when Corey heard about the first child molestation claim. To him it seemed ridiculous, because he spent so much time with Michael as a teenager (aged 13-17) & Jackson never touched him. In the Interview with the police in 1993, Corey defended Michael & named his abusers by name. Deborah Linden didn’t care about his molestation at all (what a shame by the way). Michael was very thankful & he invited Corey & his (also raped & abused) friend Corey Haim to his Neverland Ranch. They rode go-karts & had a lot of fun.

The first time Corey really noticed that Jackson’s mental health was destroyed, was in 1995 when Jackson visited 24-year-old Corey Feldman in hospital. Corey didn’t mention why he noticed it.

Their friendship ended completely in 2001 when Corey was 30 years old (even though the real friendship with regular contact ended much earlier when Corey was 18).

Michael Jackson & 30-year-old Corey Feldman
Why did it end? Someone told MJ that Corey would want to write a book, in which he wants to claim that Michael molested him. Corey told MJ that this is not true, but Michael was not able to believe him. Corey says that he is not angry about that, because he knows how many people broke Jackson’s trust during his life. This was the last time, they spoke to each other.

In 2003, Corey watched the documentary Living with Michael Jackson & he just felt very sorry for him as he says. In February 2005, a headline went around the world: Child Actor Corey Feldman speaks out against Michael Jackson.

Corey says that he never said Michael molested him in that interview & that he just said Michael showed him once a book with pictures of adult genitalia affected by venereal diseases, when he was a teenager. Even though Corey knew Michael really well, he says that he would have never let his son spend a night at Neverland. The reason for that is Jackson’s mental illness. Corey wrote: “His health was rapidly deteriorating”.

Corey said Jackson was a child-man, who had a huge inner-child & believed he was Peter Pan. Corey feels very sorry for MJ & he said that he and Jackson had a deep bonding, because they both had no childhood, were both abused & both of them had been sold by their parents. He sees nothing strange about their friendship, just like the child actors Macaulay Culkin & Emmanuel Lewis.

Macaulay Culkin’s story:

Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin (1990-1993)

Emmanuel Lewis’s story:

Michael Jackson and Emmanuel Lewis (1983-1993)


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