Michael Jackson and Jordan Chandler (1992/1993)

Michael Jackson & Jordan Chandler
The boy that came in Michael’s life in May 1992, was the boy that would make the King of Pop fall down on his knees. He was the reason, why people started to wonder about Jackson’s bondings to young boys and he brought Michael Jackson his first huge scandal, it was the (in 1993)  13-year-old Jordan (Jordy) Chandler.

Jordy came from a broken home & never got enough attention by his family. So it wasen’t really a wonder that he admired a man who gave him a lot of  attention-Michael Jackson.

It was May 1992, Michael Jackson met his later accuser Jordan Chandler who was 12 years old and a half at the time, at a car rental agency which was owned by the boy’s stepfather David Schwarz. David knew that Jordy was a big fan of Jackson and told Jackson: “You don’t have to pay for the car, just take this number & call Jordy.”

From May 1992 to January 1993, Jackson kept phone contact with the young boy. Jackson sometimes called Jordy 8-10 times a day and there was one conversation that took 3 hours. In this call, Michael talked about the things he liked, like video games or playing water fights & also about his Neverland Ranch. About Neverland, Jackson told the boy that he was having a zoo full of animals, a movie theater and golf carts. Later, Jackson started to talk about his famous friends. Jordy said that the main topic of their phone conversations was Neverland & that he dreamed about going there one day. Michael told the boy on the phone that Neverland is named after Peter Pan, because he is Peter Pan in his heart. While these conversations took place, MJ was on tour.

It was February 1993, Jordy and his family visited Neverland for the first time & at this visit, Jordy was not staying in Jackson’s room but in the guest area over night. They were there for a weekend, as Jordy said. Jordy added that Michael took him and his sister to Toys-R-Us , while it was closed. Jackson told Jordy to take everything he wants. After that, Michael & Jordy  also went to the Century City Apartment, where they were just playing video games & nothing special happend.

Michael Jackson & Jordy Chandler on Neverland
Their first trip together was to Las Vegas, where they stayed at the Mirage Hotel. As Jordy said, Michael had his room, Jordy had his own & his sister +mother shared one in the beginning at least. At one night, Michael put on the very scary movie the Exorcist, when Jordy’s mother and his sister were already sleeping. This was the first night, in which Jordy slept in Michael’s bed because he was scared & as Jordy said: Nothing happend that night. The next morning, Jordy told his mum that he and Jackson shared a bed & June Chandler was really upset about that. MJ started to cry and convinced June that there is nothing wrong about the boy sharing his bed. The Las Vegas trip took 7 days & out of that 7 days, Jordy spent 2 or 3 nights with Michael. June Chandler allowed her now 13-year-old son to spend the night with Michael and so they did until the end of their relationship.

Michael Jackson & 13-year-old Jordan Chandler in Las Vegas
It was March 1993, the Chandlers visited Neverland again. Jordy spent the night in Michael’s bed, while his family was staying in guest rooms. They were far away from Michael’s room. In one of these nights, Jordy claims that Michael searched body contact for the first time. As he said, Jackson leaned over & hugged him on the bed, while Jackson said: “I love you, good night.”

Jordy said that Michael hugged him now really often & that he was starting to kiss him on the cheek & suddenly once turned over and kissed him on the lips.

The abuse started… It was March 1993, they did a trip to Florida, where Jordy claims, things would get more sexual than just kissing and hugging/cuddeling. Jackson grabbed his butt & Jackson started to kiss him with tongue, while doing this Jordy felt that the singer had an erection & he said to the 13-year-old as he went in the bathroom: (context of it): They shouldn’t be ashamed to be naked in front of each other.

with Jordy Chandler & Brett Barnes
They were going back to L.A and nothing else besides the sexual acts that already happend in Florida, happend. Those acts included kissing, cuddeling and kissing with tongue.

In early May 1993, Jackson flew with the Chandlers to Monaco, to the World Music Awards:

Chandler & Jackson in Monaco
World Music Awards in Monaco,1993
Jordy, a 13-year-old teenager was sitting on Michael Jackson’s lap:

On this trip, Jordy says things got even more worse. Jackson convinced the boy to take a bath with him, fully naked. Jackson masturbated the underage boy for the first time. He asked Jordy how it feels & when Jordy said that  it feels good, Jackson went on doing it until the end. Jackson told Jordy a lot of times, to tell no one about what they were doing, because other people wouldn’t understand ‘their love’. Jordy told his psychiatrist Dr. Richard Gardner that Jackson told him about other boys who masturbated in front of him, including a boy who went on the Bad tour with him. The boy who toured with Jackson in 1988 was James Safechuck & he accused Jackson of sexual abuse as well:

Michael Jackson and James Safechuck (1987-1992)

Jackson & Jordy Chandler flew from Monaco to Eurodisney:

Jackson & the Chandlers
Jordy stated that nothing changed on that trip. The only sex that happend between them was masturbation.

In late May 1993, Jordy said they were starting to have oral-sex. Furthermore, Jordy claimed that there was never an anal contact & he added that when he onced told MJ that he didn’t like a sexual act (kissing his ear), Jackson never did it again. Even though all of this took place, Jordy believed that Michael was a child himself  or at least was at the same age as Jordy psychologically.

It was June 1993, Jordan’s biological father Evan Chandler spoke for the first time with his ex-wife about his son and Michael Jackson. Evan told June that he believes Jordy is gay. June answered that she would have no problem with Jordy being gay. In Evan’s mind it was a confession that she knew Jordy and Michael had a sexual relationship and that she would have no problem with it (All that Glitters, page 55).

After that, Evan Chandler went to the lawyer Barry Rothman because he wanted to end the relationship between Jackson & the boy as fast as he could.

It was August 1993, a meeting between the lawyers on both sides, Jackson, Evan & Jordy Chandler took place. It was then, when it it was first mentioned to give the family millions of dollars if the Chandlers not accuse Jackson.What did Jackson had to hide?

However, the Chandlers really didn’t put Jackson on trial & they took the money in the end. But the case had gone into public. Jackson defended himself & said that the boy is lying.

In December 1993, Jackson’s body was photographed by police men, because Jordy  was able to describe Michael’s naked body, including Jackson’s penis.

AFTER THAT: Jackson was now 100% sure to pay millions of dollars, because he simply had to. A lot of evidence was speaking against him. Jordan alone received 15 million, each parent got 1 million dollars.

Michael also spent a lot of time in Jordy’s house with him doing homework etc. When Jackson once slept in Jordy’s room, a family member saw them cuddeling like a wife and a husband would do. Michael was again able to convince the family to let him do that (nothing weird at cuddeling a teenager, I guess).

There is a book out there,written by Victor Gutierrez:1766838[1]

Jackson paid 20 million dollars & his life went on.

No one can deny the optical similarity between Jordy and the boy/man, Jackson later (1996 until 09) was spending his time with (Omer Bhatti):

Bhatti, 2006 in his early 20s & Jordy,1993, as a 13-year-old

Read Omer’s story here:

Michael Jackson and Omer Bhatti (1996-2009)

Read this:

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  1. Great article. I never knew June might have known. I assumed she was just blissfully “stupid”. Jordan cut her off for apparently not believing him (or acting blind), but they have since started talking back again in 2015,2016.

    Sometimes I feel sorry for Jordan the most because Michael truly ruined his life in almost every way possible. He still lives his lie as if he’s “on the run”.


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