Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin (1990-1993)

Macaulay Culkin used to be a close friend of Michael Jackson and their friendship started when the famous child star was only 10 years old and it firstly ended when Culkin was 13, followed by 3 years of no contact. The friendship was firstly noticed by the public when Culkin took part in a music video by Jackson called Black or White. The video was published in 1991.

Michael Jackson & 11-year-old Macaulay Culkin in Black or White
Furthermore, Jackson invited Macaulay to the video production of Jam. Jackson had given Macaulay the chance to meet Michael Jordan who took part in the music video.

Macaulay Culkin, Michael Jackson & Michael Jordan
But it wasen’t just Macaulay who visited Jackson at work, it also went the other way around. Here you can see Jackson at the set of Home Alone 2 in 1992, with 12-year-old Macaulay.

MJ and Culkin : Home Alone 2
For the public their friendship didn’t seem strange, even though it was clear that Macaulay was also a friend in Jackson’s private life. In the early 90s, it wasen’t something new that the King of Pop befriended children. Macaulay also wasen’t the first child star, he was spending his time with. Emmanuel Lewis’ and MJ’s friendship also started when he was a young boy.

Macaulay told the court in 2005 that he and Jackson had been close friends when he was 10 until about 13. When Culkin turned 14, he wasen’t a part of Hollywood anymore, because he stopped acting. Because of that, he stopped visiting Los Angeles and Neverland .He explained that he turned into a ‘cool teen’ at 14 & that Neverland was a place for children in his teenage mind.

Between the ages of 14 and 16, Culkin did not visit MJ. When Culkin turned 17, he wanted to visit Neverland again. His ‘cool teen phase’ was over.

He also said that he was rarely alone with Michael & that mostly his brother Kieran Culkin was with them.

Let’s start with some vacations they did together. There was an excursion to Bermuda in January 1991, which truly included Culkin’s whole family. They stayed there for some weeks. Culkin was 11 years old at this trip. The Culkin family wasen’t the only family that travelled with Jackson.With them, there was the Goldstein Family who also had a young son (around the age of 10) named Brock Goldstein.

Michael Jackson & the Culkin Family, Bermuda
Michael Jackson, Brock Goldstein & Macaulay Culkin, Bermuda
Michael Jackson & Macaulay Culkin, Bermuda
Young Brock Goldstein on Michael Jackson’s lap, Bermuda.
Macaulay & Brock in Bermuda
MJ and young friends
They also took a picture all together:

Jackson and the whole ‘boy crew’.
Macaulay said that on this trip he sometimes fell asleep in Jackson’s bed after playing a lot of video games or after they watched some movies. He said that in Michael Jackson’s room, there were also his brothers and another child (probably Brock Goldstein).

After this trip they were visiting Orlando together in June 1991, so just months after their last trip:

Michael Jackson & 11-year-old Macaulay Culkin in Orlando
Macaulay said that those were the only trips they ever did together, but he said that he visited Neverland a dozen times as a child.

The world first wondered about Jackson’s bonding to the child star, when Jackson said in the documentary Living with Michael Jackson (2003) that he did share his bed with Macaulay and his siblings when they were little and that he has a film of all of them in a hot air balloon.

The hot air ballon story took place for sure:

Michael Jackson, Macaulay Culkin & his brother Kieran Culkin
According to Macaulay, he only slept a handful of times in Michael’s bed and mostly with his brother Kieran.

Macaulay spent very much time at Neverland in the early 90s:

michael jackson orlando[1]
Jackson, Macaulay and a monkey
Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson & Macaulay Culkin
Culkin’s watch was a gift by Jackson
Macaulay Culkin ( about 12 years old) and Kieran Culkin with Jackson
Michael Jackson and Macaulay Culkin
The time came when Macaulay did not visit Jackson (aged 14-16).

Culkin always says (until this day) that Michael never molested him and that he looks up to Michael like a son to a father. He can’t see anything strange in their friendship, because as he says, MJ was the only one that was able to understand him as a child. The reason for that was in his opinion that they both grew up in the showbiz and that they both had no childhood.

Macaulay and Jackson had been close friends until the age of 13 (1990-1993), followed by a 3-year-period of no contact and an adult friendship with very little contact. Macaulay himself said that they only were close friends until he was 13 & that he only slept a handful of times in Jackson’s bed.





Macaulay’s testimony at the molestation trial 2005:




  1. Jordan Chandler also stated that MJ told him that abuse occurred with Brett Barnes, Macaulay Culkin, James Safechuck Jr., Wade Robson, and a Santa Barbara boy named “Garcia”.


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